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1965 Benelli / Motobi 200 Sprite

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I got some of the Benelli / Motobi parts back from my painter, enough to get started on the reassembly. Hopefully the tank, fenders and side covers get finished next week

I tore this ‘second’ 200cc motor down and checked all the bearings once again following the crank case bearing failure I had on the other motor, reshimmed it all and put it back together. I now have two complete rebuilt 200cc egg motors for this bike

I made up new swing arm bronze thrust bushings , tapped all the bolt holes in the chassis parts and started reassembling. I went a little crazy wrapping the fresh paint with clean white rags.

I will get the rear wheel on, also waiting for the headlight ears to get painted before I can put the forks together.

Dave Swanson:
This bike will be amazing. 

I got the rear wheel, header and muffler on today

The front forks went together, I made new felt fork tube seals from leftover felt seals I had from my Airone restoration. Polished up the aluminum shrouds chucked over a steel tube and chucked in the lathe. Progress finer grits of sandpaper and polishing compound to get all the scratches out.

It’s looking fantastic, Jim.  They’re going to make a very impressive pair of motorcycles.


Very cool to see these bikes where almost every component is eye candy.

the good ole days....


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