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SP1000 cafe project

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El Vikingo Tropical:
This is my first Guzzi project so I have a lot to learn about the brand, model and what direction to go.
Yesterday I pulled of the standard fork and tested what will be the one for this bike.
I use a CBR900RR 1987 unit as itís one of the best conventional fork options around, I prefer not use upside down forks at this kind of classic bikes as I feel their looks out of place.
One funny thing I discovered is the CBR unit and the old Guzzi forks use same wheel bolt diameter!

Petrus Rocks:
Looks like a nice project!  I used a pair of forks off a Guzzi EV.  Same steering stem and axle.  The forks are longer so a set of Tommaselli adjustable bars clamp on the tops. 

El Vikingo Tropical:
Next step is disassemble completely for modify, blast and paint of the chassis

Great project. I may be doing just the opposite - reverting a GSXR front ended CX back to stock. Please keep posting.

El Vikingo Tropical:
Well today I tested a set of wire wheels from a California 1000. They need some polishing but will look nice once at place


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