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Orphan Convert Hack, Coming Back

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Vecchio Lupo:
Well gang, Im not 100% sure I belong in major restorations, at least I hope I don't. I just dragged home this 77 Convert that had been set up for sidecar duty. I like sidecars, Ive owned several, but Im not sure this one is going to stay a 3 wheeler. Stored inside a dry garage for 5 years, since the owner passed away, last registered up to 2020, so he must have renewed just before passing. Its not butchered, but it has been disrespected. the lower frame rails have been modified to accept giant HD floor boards, the side stand is gone and parking brake relocated to right side, sidecar mount. Odd pieces are missing but not enough to get angry about. Here are the pictures of just after the unloading and before anything has been done. I have no idea which flywheel it has, or anything else for that matter. After I post this, Im off to secure a battery and start to see what's what. I won't Bragg about price but it was under 2k with a clear title.

Vecchio Lupo:
Ive been on an eBay shopping spree (careful boy, there are limits) and sourced a side stand , floor boards, and an unmolested pair of lower frame rails (yes,Convert specific) . I also dropped a little bit at MG cycle and Im waiting for Curtis Harper to call me back (It's only been 3 days, Im not worried) So I can ask him a couple stupid questions before I make a bigger parts order with them. I opted for the premium 400ca battery from the distributor rather than the 300ca at autozone since you can't bump start a convert. Lastly Im eventually going to replicate an LAPD bike with lights and police radio, but in regards to windscreen, the Guzzi factory screen looks good. the American HD windscreens look ok and are priced fair, but the mounting escapes me at the moment. I thinking of using the G5/Cal II windscreen because Ive heard great things about it.

Your Convert looks to be in real nice shape, just dusty from storage, I bet it cleans up real nice. Good to see the original switch gear and the plastics look pretty good👍

Looks like a great project.  Luckily for you G5/Convert body parts are at the low end of the MG price scale online. For me itís the endless drip drip drip of new small parts that drives up restoration costs. Please post many pictures.

Vecchio Lupo:

PROGRESS REPORT:    The Convert started today, I removed the tank and drained the 5 years old gasoline. Hooked up a fuel source and a fresh battery and it started on choke without much drama, even ran fairly smooth. won't run off choke and carb started puking gas. So...carbs off, kits ordered...utrasonic cleaner fired up and we shall see. ATF was very pink and at correct level, oil was good for a first heat cycle although we did not achieve operating temp. Will try in a few days after carbs are done.


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