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Orphan Convert Hack, Coming Back

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Antietam Classic Cycle:
The ATF shouldn't really be "pink", but rather a burgundy color. Pink means it's been aerated, like when the hex piece driving the ATF pump rounds off. 

Vecchio Lupo:
I'll take another look and give a better, more accurate report. Thank you for the information. At the time of checking it, the fluid had not been disturbed for at least 5 years. Great catch, thank again.

I think your project is going to turn out real nice. Its all there ,pretty much. be sure to replace all the ATF hoses, and other rubber bits that are "aged".  I just went through this with a 76 convert I have been restoring. They are fun projects, and very satisfying machines to work on.
I have owned a convert sidecar rig in the past, and they make great tugs. Please post lots of pictures, of your progress, as you restore it.
Rick D.

Did you drain the old oil and put in new stuff before firing it ?
 I donít know much about older stuff, but I believe dropping the sump and de lousing it might be a thing to do.

Vecchio Lupo:
the oil looked and smelled good, so it was my intention to get the motor to cough and sputter, and build up just enough heat to loosen up some crud and junk. I don't need full blown operating temperature but warmed up a bit , then change. That's my plan anyway. I did remove the plugs and crack an oil line to confirm pressure before attempting to start. I just rebuilt the carbs today and Im hoping to start up tomorrow.Then service all fluids.

rebuilt carbs run as new... set the idle and mixtures by ear, settled down nice, smooth, pretty darn close if you ask me. I will actually check it and go through procedure but my money is Great Guzzi...No surprise though, no brakes, I didn't expect any, but it would have ben nice to only flush fluid instead of having to go through calipers and masteercylimders. now that I was able to warm her up a bit, fresh 20/50 dead dinosaurs and trans rear end and converter fluid is after the brakes.


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