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General Discussion / Re: Where did you park your Guzzi today?
« Last post by MotoKnee on Today at 09:50:19 PM »
Oregon coast today

General Discussion / Re: New Stelvio V100 project ?
« Last post by Moparnut72 on Today at 09:49:25 PM »
These are better pictures.
General Discussion / Re: What Did I Do To My Bike? Update
« Last post by Moparnut72 on Today at 09:48:08 PM »
I touched the battery cables together which is supposed to clear the ecu. Let it idle for an extended time so it connect with sensors and relearn. It was suggested by members here that I do that. Worked like a charm. I wasn't looking forward to dragging it to my crappy dealer.
General Discussion / Re: Checking oil level - hot or cold?
« Last post by Muzz on Today at 09:47:06 PM »
I had a stick fly out and disappear on the road.I only noticed when my leg was wet. I wonder if they’re tighter or looser when hot.

As did I. Seems like the early (2003 and a bit later) 750 smallblocks had a habit of doing this. Some quite inventive methods of solving the problem. My friend printed off on his 3D printer one of those plastic spanners that fit around the dipstick knob. No problems since then.

My 2003 Breva has it's oil checked level, hot and with the knob screwed in. I gather on later ones they changed it with the knob NOT screwed in, but don't know the year this happened. On my first oil change I measured out the 1.8 lits specified, went for a ride, then checked it. It was dead on the full mark. Checked it when cold and on mine at least there was very little difference.
General Discussion / Re: A women traveling alone on her V7
« Last post by Muzz on Today at 09:31:51 PM »
I've done many solo trips, and trips with one or two compatible riders. 

The only negative of the solo trip is when you are admiring an amazing vista and you just want to turn to the person next to you and say "amazing!", and no one is there.

I must admit, this is indeed true.
General Discussion / Re: New Fellow
« Last post by MotoKnee on Today at 09:30:02 PM »
Welcome to the insane asylum!!  :rolleyes: :shocked: :huh:  Really nice looking Guzzi, (CONGRATS!!) Love that tail bag, also!  Who needs saddlebags?  You can easily travel for a week with that set up!! :thumb: :boozing: :bow: :cool:

It's a nice bag, but the seat hump reduces available volume. Still working out luggage options, put on some rackless dual sport bags and tested them with a spin to the coast, they worked pretty well!

General Discussion / Re: New Fellow
« Last post by MotoKnee on Today at 09:24:37 PM »
Welcome. You will receive lots of good information on this board and also the KERA members will chime in.
Try and make a Guzzi rally to meet genuine riders.

Yup, already getting lots out of the site. I see there is a rally happening in my home stomping grounds (Oregon) next year.
General Discussion / Re: New Fellow
« Last post by MotoKnee on Today at 09:20:24 PM »
Welcome great folks here and a lot of knowledge and plenty of wisecracks!!  Be careful Guzzi's are addicting!!  My last day of work in next Friday the 29th, so I will join you in the ranks of retirement.  Nice looking ride!

Congrats on waving goodbye to work, retirement definitely does not suck. Nice collection, I shudder to think that Guzzis are more addictive than motos in general :shocked:
General Discussion / Re: U/J Carrier bearing collapse
« Last post by Tom H on Today at 09:17:10 PM »
You pics look like rust, not dried grease. If it's just dried grease all is fine. Well except for the grease :grin:

I would not pull the swingarm as regular maintenance,

General Discussion / Re: U/J Carrier bearing collapse
« Last post by izzug otom on Today at 09:09:52 PM »
Looks to me that the input spline spent a fair amount of time under water. I'd be curious what the inside of the final drive looked like.

I can see how it looks like that, but look beyond the circlip and you'll see the damage doesn't extend down there. If you look at the other pic, you'll notice the oil that's seeped through the bearings isn't ghastly at all, neither was the oil I removed the last time I changed the oil. On turning the pinion shaft, everything feels smooth, with no play between the pinion shaft and the toothed gear that engages the wheel.

The reddish look on the splines is not rust, but the remnants of red tacky grease, the wear a battering are real enough though. I don't really understand how water gets in the swing arm, the rubber boot was all good and well secured, but the carrier bearing obviously had some moisture in there, to disintegrate it into rusty bits.

I've had the bike 9 years and confess, this is the first time I've ever removed the swing arm.

The grease, of which looked like it'd once been plentiful had dried out and become crumbly, a bit like a dryish red clay.

I suspect, as per the comments made above by Jackson, that in the past the bike has had some sort of issue in the carrier bearing, which apparently causes sloppiness particularly on the pinion shaft. . . . At least that's how my brain calculates it, I may be wrong of course, it could have been wear over time under harsh conditions. I can't for the life of me think that these splines could have ever been completely submerged in water as you suggest. I can't see how that could even be a possibility?

I often use the bike in winter, and it lives outdoors, but I still can't see how water would get in there, as I said, it's well sealed up. I've heard it mentioned that condensation can be an issue in the swing arm too, but I can't imagine it being enough to submerge the pinion shaft, and the spline coupler is, comparatively speaking, in a lot better shape.

If I am somehow getting water into the swing arm housing of the driveshaft, I could certainly do with figuring out why, but having said that, I will be pulling my swing arm and inspect the uj/drive train in the annual yearly basis from now on  :rolleyes:
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