Author Topic: LED/incandescent bulb comparisons -- expanded  (Read 256 times)

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LED/incandescent bulb comparisons -- expanded
« on: June 23, 2022, 11:37:25 AM »
It seems that I accidentally deleted the recent LED/incandescent bulb comparison thread I started about a week ago. Since it had some interesting comparison photos I decided to repost those here, along with two new comparisons, to include the bulb Charlie said he uses (iBrightStar) and a PARTSam replacement for the venerable Dietz side marker lamp, as found on Wixom saddlebags.

Each picture of lit bulbs is a montage of photos taken with identical camera settings (F-stop, shutter speed); this means that brightness comparisons within a picture reflect actual relative light outputs. The bulbs that perform worse look better in person, since the eye automatically adjusts to brightness levels.

Old comparisons that were accidentally deleted:

1) Superbright A27 vs Superbright A51 vs incandescent 1157:

Winner: Superbright A51.

2) Superbright A51 vs Sylvania Zevo:

Winner: Superbright A51.

New comparisons added now:

3) Superbright A51 vs. iBrightstar 1157:

Winner: iBrightstar 1157

Comment: the iBrightstar turn signal "filament" is one F-stop brighter than the Superbright, and fills the lens better.

4) Dietz marker lamp vs. PARTSam "rectangular" marker light:

Winner: PARTSam "rectangular" marker lamp, using the PARTSam lens, which is better than the Dietz lens for the LED lamp.

Link to the Partsam lamp:

Comment: The camera settings for this series were: F9.0, shutter 1/200, no filter. Also, note how well the Partsam lens, lower left, fills out the upper and lower row of lenslets (to coin a term), compared to the old Dietz lens. The fact that they developed their own lens instead of just copying the Dietz lens speaks well of the company. The Partsam unit is a more or less perfect replacement for the Dietz, with the same size and outline, the same mounting hole locations, the same exit point for the wires. Plastic base instead of cast metal, though.

By the way, someone wished for a combo red and white LED bulb just before I deleted the original thread. Superbright offers one, as an 1157 type, with separate circuits for the white and red LEDs. I don't recall if that would help the one who posted (sorry, I forget who), but here is a link to that bulb:

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Re: LED/incandescent comparison regurgitated and expanded
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2022, 03:10:30 PM »
Thanks for adding in the iBrightStar. Good to see how it stacks up.

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