Author Topic: New Members Please Read This Message Before Registering and Posting.  (Read 157491 times)

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First, welcome aboard.  We're glad to have you and hope you'll find this site both entertaining and educating.

Now, on a more serious note...
Sometimes, I receive at least 10 nasty emails per week regarding why their account has not been activated.  Some on a Monday morning, and some, only a few hours after they signed up.  Some, not even in the U.S.A., much less the same timezone.

So, I wanted to reiterate the fact that account approvals are not automatic.  Nor, are they guaranteed.  Some have tried with questionable usernames as well...and failed.

Since manually approving accounts and requiring a 'site intention' email before Chet or I approve an account, I have avoided probably 99% of potential spammers and spam-bots.  So, after signing up, please send me a message (or reply to your welcome message) and tell me to let you in.  Nothing elaborate, just so I know you're real and not a spammer.

I am tickled that some 15-20 people sign up daily.  It has to be good news for Moto Guzzi (I hope).  If you would have told me in 1998 that I would have a board with this many members on it, I'd have called you nuts.

Anyhow, I want to invite new users, and those who want to become new users, or even existing users to Check out the FAQ's Here---

Also, Please refrain from posting Political, Religion, Pornography (unless it's their naked motorcycle) and other senseless drivel.  This includes pictures, captions, cartoons, etc.  If you have a beef with another member, use the Private messaging system, phone call, email or face to face instead of starting a lengthy debated topic that everyone can see.

Most of all, enjoy the forum.  I built it in the hopes it would be like a virtual, and family friendly campfire.  Once again...welcome aboard!

If you registered and sent me your "human verification" email, and 24 hours pass by and your account is not yet approved, send me another one because the original could have been removed as spam.

At any given time, there are 10-20 unapproved accounts because I have not received an email from you.  If 2 days go by without me receiving said email, I delete and reject the account and chalk it up as "a spammer".  It's nothing personal...just trying to keep the board free from spammers.

Second, Introduce Yourself Here--------->

The premise of the boards existence is that of a virtual campfire.  Imaging if you will, that you are sitting around a campfire talking to your buddies and someone runs up and says "hey, I have such and such for sale", then they run off.  That sort of thing would be frowned upon.  Please avoid getting off on the wrong foot and introduce yourself here.

Your input is valuable to the forum, and the Moto Guzzi community.
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