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V85TT aftermarket exhaust

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I am a first time Moto Guzzi owner, having just purchased a new 2021 V85TT.  Having previously been a long time owner of a carbureted, analog Kawi KLR 650, my guzzi is pretty luxe.
I would like to replace the exhaust system to delete the Cat.  I like the one made by Guzzitech but am not sure it will work.  The '21 is Euro5 compliant and has sensors (Lambda?) on the
headers just as they leave the head.  Has anyone done this mod?  If so, are there any complications with the engine management system, or any other issues to be aware of?  Thanks.

blu guzz:
welcome aboard.  on my 2020 version, i put in a cat eliminator or Y pipe and left the standard pipe.  it is just a little louder, runs even better, much cooler and did not need any adjustments.  i can't speak for the 2021. 

I made my own set on a mandrel bender and put the sensors behind the sump drain.

Seems to work just fine..

It sounds like the pipe diameter on the 21 is bigger. As far as I know there isn't a replacement yet. You might as well figure a mapping fix in on the deal.

I certainly understand the desire to eliminate the CAT but I assure you that the need to do so on the 2021 model isn't there as it was on the 2019/2020 models. The previous model suffered from ridiculous amounts of heat eliminating off the giant collector/CAT under the transmission where as all reports from those of us who have sampled both model find that the 2021 models simply don't produce the heat. This is a good example of Moto Guzzi listening to the customer feedback and making changes. However, as you already pointed out, the new model is Euro 5 compliant and as such does have a bit of difference in the exhaust. I think your best bet is to pursue the offering from Mistral, and see if this satisfies your needs.



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