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Last I looked there are 6254 total members on WG. Lets say only a tenth of them are active, leaving 625.4 active members. ( The .4 my imaginary friend).  Luap has posted that it cost $3,636.00 a year just to basically run this this site. Anything else goes to improving the site, and maybe eliminating all ads. If every member contributed $100 per year Luap would have $625,400 to work with.  Unrealistic I know. If only the 10% that are active contributed $100.00 years LUAP would have $62,500 to work with.  Imagine what he could do with that amount of capital to invest in this site.
Now I know not every one can drop a C note all at once.  But most, certainly can drop $10 a month. Giving up on Starbucks Crappacino per month is a worthy trade wouldn't you say? On the donation page you can set the donation to be recurring, so it is easy to give $10.00 per month.
 Yes the cheapest thing  on a Guzzi is the rider, and some I am sure are telling Elizabeth its the big one at the thought of releasing a $100.00 bill into the wild.  So lets say all 625.4 members recover from the vapors at the though of parting with a hundred dollars; might they consider a $10.00 donation?? At $10.00 USD a piece, that gives Luap $6,250 dollars to work with.  Granted he wouldn't be able to do it from his lair inside a hollowed out volcano, he can still do it basking in the love of his wife.
So I call on who can to give Luap $100 donation, or $10.00 per month, or least chest pain causing, a one time $10.00 donation to do so. Together we can really make WG something even more special, and protect whatever hair is left on Luaps head. 
I hereby vow to donate $100.00 next January, and each January until the end.

AJ Huff:
Fully agree.


Luap McKeever:
Dang, if everyone gave that amount, I could quit my job and work here full time, pay the mods and still have a lot of room to improve this thing beyond imagine :thumb:.

Thanks for the reminder.


--- Quote from: dirtiegirtie on October 12, 2021, 12:52:42 PM ---Thanks for the reminder.

--- End quote ---

I'm here to serve. 


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