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Joe Walano posted this to MGNOC FB group

"I just received a phone call informing me that John Boettcher was involved in a motorcycle accident last Friday and is not expected to survive. Apparently he hit a deer and sustained serious head injuries. I will post more information as I get it."


upload images and get url

I am very sad to post this.  JB has been a legend in Guzzi community since the '90s

AJ Huff:
Wow..He was definitely a legend.

here's hoping JB pulls through

I first met JB at Guzzi Steve's house in Kingston, IL shortly after JB had returned from an epic round trip to Alaska. 
Steve was telling me this fantastic story about this new Guzzi rider who had just finished his trip to Alaska on an 850T.  Shortly after that JB pulled up on his 850T with a lady friend astride a silk pillow for a pillion. 

Thats bad news.   :sad:

Hate to hear about that. Definitely one of the good guys,I bought my Norge from him


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