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Single shock conversion

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On Ed Milich’s website there are photos of a Tonti two-shock swingarm, modified to take a single, center mounted shock.  Ed also offers to modify a Tonti frame to accept the single, center mounted shock.

I saw a bike with this mod at the Datil rally this summer.  How much better (if at all) is the center-mounted setup over the stocker?  It looks pretty slick.

I ride both kinds. I think proper set up and decent quality is much more important than the number of shocks. A tonti mono shock does look neat, but you also need to relocate the battery, electrics, etc.

You probably would not notice the difference unless you are roadracing.

Old Jock:
Well I'm no canyon carver and have large "Chicken Strips"

From what (little) I know, it isn't mutually exclusive a lot depends on the design, the mechanism used to load the shock and the shock angle.

I doubt I could tell the difference.

Could not agree more than Turin's statement, quality is far more important.

I'd spend the money good quality shocks any day over a mono conversion

I think that if i were to go to the trouble of converting to a single shock, I would be tempted to place the shock horizontal under the gearbox, thus leaving the battery/electrical area un touched. (similar to some Buell models).


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