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General Discussion / Re: Eldo Pics for Dan
« Last post by Canuck750 on Today at 05:57:02 AM »
General Discussion / Re: Zard mufflers
« Last post by Beowulf on Today at 05:21:33 AM »
I have zard exhaust on my v7 850 and have to say I love them. Been on almost year and held up really well. My friend had Agostini and I donít think either is a bad choice. I like the sound quite a bit.
General Discussion / Re: Dellorto question
« Last post by hauto on Today at 04:38:13 AM »
no protrusion is a 4 stroke cab. short protrusion is a 2 stroke carb. So I been told. Hardan Corp in Pa has parts and info.

General Discussion / cycle innovations selector return spring
« Last post by ray bear on Today at 04:18:56 AM »
Does anyone have any reports on the cycle innovations 5 speed selector return spring that's in this old tractor new topics section, some photos and fitting instructions is all I can find , any body used them, are they good, are they still available ?????   Thanks Ray
General Discussion / Re: Triumph Daytona 900
« Last post by Turin on Today at 03:37:08 AM »
Some minor cosmetic damage, not too bad. Mechanically, supposedly nothing. I plan on installing a new battery, hooking the fuel lines up and seeing how she does.
General Discussion / Re: Stepper tutorial
« Last post by tris on Today at 02:11:41 AM »
Sorry, I wasn't clear enough
The miu3g does have a stepper for the same idle control action, but it's built-in and not a separate replaceable item

Here's a document explaining for V7, but principle is the same for the V9

It's also got a sealed "sacred screw " if you are inclined to break your motorcycle  :evil:
General Discussion / Re: Eldo Pics for Dan
« Last post by cappisj1 on Today at 12:24:17 AM »
General Discussion / Re: Eldo Pics for Dan
« Last post by kingoffleece on Today at 12:04:28 AM »
Geez.  Dave's bike is a thing of beauty for SURE.
General Discussion / Re: Triumph Daytona 900
« Last post by nc43bsa on March 25, 2023, 10:18:29 PM »
What is wrong with it?

Don't know much about that Triumph line.  Don't they have a common problem that requires removing the engine and splitting the cases?
General Discussion / Re: Transmission stuck in 2nd gear.
« Last post by nc43bsa on March 25, 2023, 10:08:38 PM »
I have only had one 5-speed apart, and that one had a destroyed throwout bearing because the shaft bearing came apart.
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