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Tonti Frame Style Tires: Formula Brand?

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Hello,  these tires came on my G5 that I bough earlier this year. I plan on getting new tires next riding season, but since these have been decent and I figured the previous owner probably did some trial and error before settling with these, I'd like to learn a little bit about them Though... I cannot find any information on this brand online at all. The brand is "Formula"

Has anyone heard or used these before? They seem to handle pretty decently and the American-chopper-looking-thread is sort of growing on me.

Are these available anymore?




Antietam Classic Cycle:
They look like copies of the Continental K112 (rear) and RB2 front. Most likely made in SE Asia somewhere (of course, the Continentals are too now - Korea).

I'd be looking at the date code that tells you when they were made.

What's the date code say ?

What is country of origin?  Should be stamped on sidewall.

I'll have to check more in detail when I get home. I didn't see any more markings on the tires other than this print under the size. Not sure what that means, but maybe it helps identify? The bike came from MI. Maybe Canadian tires?

Just checked Charlie's link. Looks like maybe they are 2011? (or at least the front)

Here is a link to the Continentals mentioned... I think you nailed it!


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