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Forum running poorly again-sorry could not find the old thread

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For the last week or so getting on the forum has become more and more difficult or it just quits. Pretty much like previous problems, at least on my puter. Just me?


Not just you.   I got an "internal server problem" error message just replying to this ....


working good here. try clearing cookies and cache?

Me, too.  I've taken to writing in a wordprocessor and copying into a reply so when everything goes down I don't have to rinse and repeat.

I think it's because WG has become so popular it's been noticed by the "big three" -- South Korea, China, and the FBI.  Being who they are (cyberwise -- let's not get political, please), they naturally would rather try to hack the site than join up and admit they read it.  The problem is they're up against luap, who does battle in the wee hours keeping the I-ways open for his constituents.  He's never been beat in a fair fight.  That's either because he's really good, or because a half-hour before the fight starts he sneaks up behind the aggressor and whacks him with a keyboard.  I've heard it both ways.


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