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how do I get this off?

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I'm working on an old BSA single engine and cannot get the oil pump drive gear off
it's slip fit on the crankshaft with a woodruff key, I got the key out and can spin the gear on the shaft with a brass drift  but it won't slide off.
it's a worm gear and it's been on that shaft for 45 years
I put  vise grips on it, cushioned with a piece of inner tube, and then tapped  the  vise grips with  a small hammer; no go
next I put some heat to it with a propane torch= nope
I can't get behind it and there is no room for a gear puller
any suggestions?

no holes, no flange, no way to get behind it or grip it with a puller

If you can sacrifice the gear it would give you more options.  Do you have access to a new gear?

I have 3 engines trying to make one good one
250 single
the manual says to slide the gear off; it don't slide
I'd rather not destroy it

That's what I'm thinking.  Some swarf between the gear and shaft is binding it in the off direction.  Can you get a wire hook up the keyway and "slide-hammer" it off?


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