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Very nicely done video: Canadian Winter motorcycle adventure!


Interesting fellow and commentary! Takes a trip to visit the crash site of a famous Canadian hockey player that died too young. Part way by motorcycle. Part way by snowshoeing. In winter! At least no mosquitoes.  ;-T  ;-T

"In 1951, 24 year old Bashin' Bill Barilko scored what is likely the most famous Stanley cup winning goal of all time. After five consecutive overtime games against the Montreal Canadians, his team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, achieved the ultimate glory and forever etched their place in history. Once he returned to the gritty mining town where he was born, his friend, Henry Hudson invited him on a last minute fishing trip. They climbed into his Fairchild float plane and left the surly bonds of earth....forever.

This is my way of bringing a tiny bit of balance back to the hockey universe where, here in Canada, its more religion than sport."


If you liked that one, here is a two part motorcycle video that defies description (I posted links to this before)

The Bwokentoof Project  Part 1  Part 2

Last thing I heard, he was planning to ride from Attawapiskat to Peawanuk on Hudsons Bay.............



I love this guys stuff!
And I think it is an adventure to do these roads in summer!  :o

When I first glanced at the photo I thought the figure on the left was a moose with a rack . . .and then I realized it was a Guzzi-guy waving for help!!! ;D


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