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General Discussion / Re: Open heart surgery- how long before riding?
« Last post by OtisV11 on Today at 12:02:45 AM »
Had open heart surgery in 2018 took a month and half for :bike-037: the rib cage to knit together to feel good enough but you will know when you are ready.Best of luck hope all goes well
General Discussion / Re: Recommendation for place to source V7 Racer parts.
« Last post by gregory on June 06, 2023, 11:21:19 PM »
So did the rear set worked out for you any word of advice or pictures?
General Discussion / Re: Ride report - Green Mountains to the Adirondacks
« Last post by Scout63 on June 06, 2023, 10:52:39 PM »
beautiful shots, Ben, and sounds like a banner day. Curious, I note no bag of any sort on that Ducati. Are you a backpacker? Surely you have some minimal tools along etc? I know you take great care of your machines, but still....

I like to keep that stuff to minimum, and I'm curious how others address that issue.

I always wear a backpack with a BMW tool roll with some extras, a mini fire extinguisher, water and an expanded first aid kit. On the Vitpilen I use a magnetic tank bag.
General Discussion / Re: What causes surging?
« Last post by John A on June 06, 2023, 10:19:20 PM »
Hoping you meant *bowls* John... :laugh: In that case, it's definitely good advice!

I wonder what spell check was thinking  :rolleyes:
General Discussion / Re: Open heart surgery- how long before riding?
« Last post by Fontain25 on June 06, 2023, 10:11:52 PM »
Probably had my surgery for a different reason than you. I had a tumor. Didn't take that long for rehab. Couple of weeks. Hope your situation goes as smooth as possible.
General Discussion / Re: A 1000S from Michigan
« Last post by bmc5733946 on June 06, 2023, 10:00:00 PM »
Well that's interesting, Leroy. I worked with and for Larry from 1984 on and don't remember him putting stickers on forks but maybe my memory isn't so hot. I know I never put one on a fork leg. I did put them on license plate brackets if Larry hadn't by the end of my test ride. There frequently was conversation surrounding installing stickers as Larry was installing them, sort of claiming the bike kind of thing, branding like a steer if you will. Many chuckles with Larry.

General Discussion / Open heart surgery- how long before riding?
« Last post by Ryan on June 06, 2023, 09:53:45 PM »
I was.putting off my chest crackin' good time untill Fall, but my health insurer is forcing my hand and I am getting cracked in a few days. Part of waitimg until the fall was getting to ride this summer. So my question for all who have been through this- how long before you were able to get back in the saddle?
General Discussion / Re: To Grill or Griddle?
« Last post by Bulldog9 on June 06, 2023, 09:29:46 PM »

who wrote the poem ulysses

It’s not a crime to have both.

Nice, love the outdoor kitchen vibe..... When I retire, this is on my planned list...... I'm not a BGE kinda guy, but I do love my RECTEQ pellet smoker/grill and Weber with Cast Iron Skillet..... Best of ALL worlds.............
General Discussion / Re: ABS removal
« Last post by Bulldog9 on June 06, 2023, 09:25:06 PM »
To each his own.  We all choose our risk profile.  But since you raised the topic of ABS, I’ll throw in my 2 cents. 

Prior to about 1:30 pm on March 6, 2022, I was not really a fan of ABS.  I’d ridden 40 years without them.  I was “good.”  Plus, I had a bad experience on a 2007 BMW F800S with ABS, that would defeat the brakes too aggressively over bumps, and once refused to brake while I was descending a gravel driveway leaving the Lindale Guzzi rally. 

My world changed on March 6.  I locked up the front on a wet road, tossed my beloved V7 down the street, and broke all the bones in my right ankle.  Much pain, anguish, and lost work. 

I personally will never ride a bike without ABS.  The V7 is out of service.  I’m selling the Ducati 900SS and the BMW F650 because they lack ABS. 

ABS would have totally prevented my spill.  Which in the grand scheme of things was minor—just a broken ankle.  But I pondered all the tens of thousands of miles I ride, at high speed, urban traffic, unknown road traction, rain, slush, etc.  A lock-up under other conditions could have killed me.

I’m on a 2019 Kawasaki Z900 now precisely because I wanted modern ABS.  It is seamless.  Far better than my old BMW. 

I spoke with the engineer who wrote the most recent SAE paper on motorcycle ABS brakes.  He analyzed the tech.  Did a lot of testing.  The results are clear to me; these is minimal downside and huge upside.  Even professional racers, on known dry pavement, cannot “beat” the ABS system.   

Just my thoughts on ABS.  And I’m fully aware that had I read this post a year ago I would have discounted it.  I figured I was “too good” and “too experienced” to need ABS.   I no longer hold that delusion.

Great Post and why there is a benifit to ABS equipped M/C's.  I may prefer without it, but would not waive me off. The systems I have had thus far were transparent to normal riding.  Thanks for sharing
General Discussion / Re: ABS removal
« Last post by Huzo on June 06, 2023, 09:21:09 PM »
Huzo - how do you compare the Norge ABS to the V85TT's? Could it be that the Norge's older tech is to blame or would you also consider removing it from the V85?

Like Swede I've found that older ABS systems are more noticeable / intrusive than newer systems. The ABS on my older BMW's (K1200LT and F650GS) was intrusive and released way too much braking when it engaged, but the last two systems on my V7 III and V85TT feel much more 'natural'.
Yeah, that’s a fair assessment mate.
I do readily confess that the V85 ABS is a lot softer in it’s action, I don’t hate the Norge system in any discernible way, but if it wasn’t there it would not be all bad.
When I bought my 1050 Triumph Sprint ST, I could have bought the one on the floor next to it for almost the same money and it had ABS, I chose the non equipped one with no regard for the price.
If I’d wanted to, I could have twisted his arm and walked out with the ABS one, but told him that if it was $200 cheaper with ABS,I still would have taken the non equipped one.
Same with the quick shifter on the V100, I would opt to not have it, even if it was free. I just don’t want potential gremlins if I can side step them.
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