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General Discussion / Re: 49 States Chapter III
« Last post by travelingbyguzzi on Today at 07:55:10 AM »
Mechanicsavant, can you post a link? I missed that somehow.
Tex, Mt WA is on my list

Bill Lovelady           IS
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General Discussion / Re: 49 States Chapter III
« Last post by Texas Turnip on Today at 07:44:18 AM »
Put on your bucket list while you are in the NE to take a ride to the top of Mt. Washington.

Keep posting,
June 1st...*** BUMP!! *** Let's all hope for clear, dry, cool weather this year!! :thumb:

General Discussion / Re: 49 States Chapter III
« Last post by mechanicsavant on Today at 06:48:48 AM »
If ya find yourself anywhere near north east CT on 6/4 stop by the “Guzzi spring fling “ posted elsewhere on this forum , hope to see ya there
General Discussion / Happy June first!
« Last post by aklawok on Today at 06:39:06 AM »
So much for midnight sunny! Nothing like waking up in the morning to inches of fresh snow! The Guzzi will have to wait.....and I gotta go out and work today.
Someone please send me some positive two wheeled vibes!

General Discussion / Re: V85TT Mistral System -- Can of Worms?
« Last post by twowheeladdict on Today at 06:10:50 AM »
I just installed a MIVVY-pipe to replace the cat and reused the OEM muffler. Not the sound of a full system but much cooler running, cheaper, and still sounds throatier than stock.

I haven't investigated yet, but I'm told the 2022 bikes have welded one piece systems that have to be dealt with.  Otherwise, I would do just what you did. 

I had a transmission oil leak, and decided to go ahead and replace all the seals, gaskets and "O" rings in the transmission, and Torque converter system. I also replaced the rear main seal with a viton one, as well as the flange gasket, which was seeping a little oil.
General Discussion / 49 States Chapter III
« Last post by travelingbyguzzi on Today at 04:37:27 AM »
Continuing on with my Summer project, I am now on my way to the New England states.
 I left the Ozarks Tuesday morning and pushed somewhat hard the 1st day to Blue Lick State Historical Park. The last battle of the Revolutionary War was fought there.
Wednesday, I headed into Ohio for a bit of drama. Just outside of Circleville, while going down the highway at speed, the engine shut down! I rolled to the shoulder. Hmm... There was still electrical power. O cranked the engine and fuel gushed to the ground. It didn't take long to see that the fuel line disconnect had disconnected.  The last time the tank had been off was 17,000 miles ago. Weird. Reconnected and no more problems. I stopped in Salem OH for the night.
Today, O ride from Salrm OH to Watkins Glen NY

This is an octagonal one room schoolhouse. Circa 1831 in Sinking Springs KY
General Discussion / Re: NGC Reg/rec unit failures
« Last post by huub on Today at 04:31:17 AM »
Thank you for replying, your experience with Moto Morini is invaluable.

I ordered one of these Spark Moto units, cheap (Guzzi content) hope it works!

I am going to look for a Harley Davidson two pin single phase reg/rec as well as per Peter’s recommendations.

Charlie recommends the same reg/rec unit you have used. I looked the type up online, a couple YouTube videos discussing them. Can you describe how to wire the unit? I read they are three phase but can function as single phase as well. My electric understanding is very, very basic, I just learned what a single and three phase is this week.

the single fase  regulator/rectifier should work fine, looks like the ones i order from china.
I try to use the mosfet ones ( F in the shindengen part number) because they do not heat up as much.
just a warning :
morini's run fine with a bad battery or even without a battery. , ( as you know the ignition is off a separate coil)
but if you do the regulator has to burn the whole generator output,  130 watt , which causes it to overheat.
having it buried somewhere behind a cover doesnt help.
so you can start any morini without a battery in a emergency , but if you do so you should disconnect the generator.
That is beautiful.  :drool:
It truly is :bow:
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