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SP1000 Fairing Questions

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I just finished my project of mounting a SP1000 fairing on my 1998 CaliEV based “1100S.”

At highway speeds, it feels a little unstable, not something I recall from the 1984 SP that I owned briefly twenty plus years ago. When I first test-mounted the fairing, I had it tilted almost 5 degrees forward, and the instability was much worse.

Am I forgetting that they are prone to feeling “light” in the front above 65 mph


I don’t have a steering damper, should I just add one?

Gustafson (spelling?) offers a 4” shorter windshield, does anyone have experience with this? (I kinda like the idea of a sportier looking windshield if it doesn’t give up too much protection)

Thoughts on trying a Goldwing-style windshield vent? I have an old SP windshield that I can cut without feeling bad about it.

Other ideas?

chuck peterson:
Awesome looking bike!

My reptile brain is whispering..’tire pressure?’

Then it says ‘steering head bearings?’

Good luck!

Beautiful!Why not try your idea of cutting down the old windscreen and see if that makes a difference?Chucks ideas are good too.

Tony F:
I always found my '79 SP to be rock solid stable at any speed so long as the steering head and swinging arm bearings were correctly set up and the suspension was in good condition (decent damping, and a fork brace also a requirement but it looks like you have that covered), but the most important was the rear tyre. It doesn't track so well with flatter profile tyres or tyres worn flat in the centre. Pick a more sports oriented tyre. Something without a straight line centre groove seems to hold a good profile longer.

The screen you have fitted seems high, is it the taller screen fitted to the SPNT?

Oh and I removed the steering damper in 1980 as the shaft had rusted and never felt the need to replace it.

Good suggestions so far!
Just checked tire pressures and they are good.
Jacked up the bike and the steering feels good: smooth and tight enough to not flop to either side without just enough drag to slow it a bit. Grabbed the forks and yanked in all axes, no play.
While up, checked wheel bearings and swingarm bearings by the spin and shake tests. Wheels spin nicely except for a tiny bit of drag from one of the front rotors at one spot, zero side to side play when trying to move the wheel in incorrect axes. Swingarm pivots are tight and no side play when pushing/pulling. Didn’t remove the shocks, though.

The shield is the one sold by both Teo Lamers and MGCycle, it’s a match for the scratched up original. Judging by paint scheme, this fairing came from an SP2. 

Just realized I don’t have the thick rubber piece that kept air from coming up into the fairing around the fork legs. That might be significant. I’m going to try to make something out of tape as a test. I will post an update when I do.


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