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SP1000 Fairing Questions

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As an experiment, I removed the main fairing and the bike went back to rock steady at speed.

Then I started comparing pictures of original SP’s to my bike and I saw that I had the fairing higher and more forward than the original bikes. So I started experimenting.

I eventually got rid of the OEM headlight and dashboard brackets, put the headlight about an inch lower and an inch back. Then I tried several different mounting positions and discovered that tilting the fairing back improved the handling. Digging deeper and using a laser level showed that my original mounting had the fairing tilted about 5 degrees forward.

I wound up having to re-make all of my brackets, relocate the dashboard and handlebars, and now the bike is steady at speed.

The photo shows how I used the laser level and the fairing stripe to check level. I decided to level the stripe with the bike on the center stand so that it would have about a degree of tilt back when on the wheels.

Thanks for your input!!

I had a  a SP1000 fairing on my Cali1100 for a while . Stock upper 2 brackets  bolted right in the 8mm bosses on the upper triple clamps.
 T3 headlamp, Tommaselli rubber mount headlight ears, and a bespoke  L bracket to the lower triple clamp. No instability felt at speed , but due to the flat track type bars and greater rider to fairing distance , the turbulence was noticeable as opposed to  much calmer on the SP1000 I ride.. Maybe  the factory fairing / lowers and handlebar setup as built and wind tunnel tested at the factory is the best setup?


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