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SP1000 Fairing Questions

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chuck peterson:
If the swing arm has ever been out? Check both pins to see if they’re equally adjusted in out with (none or little?) slack…that also lines up the driveshaft to the trans output

Lots going on there, especially if the threads are rusty and crusty

Rubber cushions on the shocks? Sticky or mashed can let them move around..

If your front end feels light at speed it IS because the fairing was designed to use with the lowers that have the wedge shaped air deflector in front of cylinders. It keeps load on front end. This IS how it was designed to work together from factory. Take away the wedge and it works different. I would look for the wedge's from a Lemans to add.

He has the lowers on. There is a reason that, virtually every bike Guzzi made with a fairing, or that could be reasonably expected to have one mounted, came with a steering damper or was at least provided with mounts for same. The quality of some of the supplied dampers is another, separate issue.


If an EV frame they are notorious for letting in water on steering head, mostly lower bearing. Steering dampener from Guzzi is a joke but I've never needed much if all in order on bike. I didn't see he had lowers on, got to look better. That combo should be rock solid at speed.

My jackal did the same when I added a large touring shield and replaced the front fender with a small fiberglass job. It was rock solid before.


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