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Mike Carmack (kirby1923) has passed away

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We've lost a good friend. Michael Carmack  (kirby1923) passed away in Tehachapi California on March 28.

Mike was a staple at events here in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas, usually riding his old LeMans in from California.

He was a Navy F4 pilot during the Vietnam War, and went on to fly for FedEx for many years.

He was a hero and a heckuva guy.  We'll miss him here in The Four States

“Slow Salute”!

Very sad to hear. Have met him a number of times. Quite the character. Know cause of death? He seemed to be in very good shape for his age.

Rest in peace, Michael.

Chuck in Indiana:
I've already seen this on another forum. Flew for FedX.. sure. The last I knew he was flying humanitarian aid for a NATO country, and for years he couldn't say just where he was. "Zulu plus 5." :smiley:  "Dodged a missile today." We talked a fair amount about the little aircraft engine design he was putting into production. You can't imagine all the places he's been, things he's done. Truly "The world's most interesting man."
He never mentioned any health issues.
Dammit! That's two really good guys this week..Ron and now Mike.
RIP, Mike.. and have a good trip West.


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