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Title: LM3 Best Upgrades???
Post by: eightiesguzzis on October 27, 2017, 03:34:35 PM

I sold my Scura and gone Eighties again (for good!). I would like to upgrade a few things on the LM3 before my wrist falls off....
It came with air adjustable front end and K&N filters otherwise stock standard.

Any advice???

Tarozzi Thottle upgrade?
Tarozzi Hi-Risers?
Rear Shocks (I'm thinking Ohlins MG140)
Electronic Ignition (which aftermarket brand is best?)
Lithium Battery???
Aftermarket Carburetors ?
Exhaust??? (Mistral? or Lafranconis? Zarb?)

Appreciate any positive imput on upgrades (no I am not keeping it original!)

Title: Re: LM3 Best Upgrades???
Post by: Antietam Classic Cycle on October 27, 2017, 04:10:56 PM
You might get a better response if you posted this in the correct section: General Discussion.
Title: Re: LM3 Best Upgrades???
Post by: SED on November 04, 2017, 01:40:32 PM
Super bike bars (BikeMaster), K&S switch gear (see ThisOldTractor), lighter throttle springs and metal twistgrip.  Quick open twistgrip will make the throttle springs seem stiffer. OEM plastic twistgrip is distorted by throttle spring pressure so will not give consistent carb balance.

Grabby clutch is an indication of worn splines.  Later clutch splines are deeper and clutch works better. Apparently vane style friction disks crack while the one-piece disks do not.

Rear wheel cush hub is likely frozen. Free it up and drill holes in the rubber pie pieces to soften it up.  Greg Field has a "how to" on this.

Steel brake lines, FAC dampers (LMIII oem were air adjust too), blade-type timing chain tensioner, H4 halogen headlight, headlight relays, fuse on positive battery cable.

Don't throw away original airbox if you still have it.  Mine runs better stock than with pod filters.

Let us know what you do!