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!955 Triumph T110 Restoration

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Dave Swanson:
I figured there would be enough interest to post some pictures of my 1955 Triumph T110 restoration.  The T110 was the hot rod of the lineup in 55.  It was the fastest production bike in the world in 55 because Vincent had went out of business.  4 years yet for the Bonneville to make its appearance.  The 55 T110 had a few last year items;  last year for iron head,  and last year for painted center section on the rims.

The project has passed a significant milestone today as the tins and rims are painted.  The factory color was called Shell Blue Sheen and it is ably supplied by Don Hutchinson Paint, the Triumph paint guru.  My local painter is fantastic.  I have never seen better workmanship.  I am truly blessed to have his shop 2 miles from my house!  His business is called Paintworks in Loves Park, IL.

I have a long way to go, but after 10 years of owning this bike I am making progress.

I am looking forward to seeing this develop.  It looks great!

Dave Swanson:
I will not be making this into a traditional build thread, but I will post pictures when significant milestones are reached.  I have a full blown build thread going on Brit Bike Forum.

Awesome! Were there ever a more beautiful line of motorcycles across the years than
a Triumph?
I will be following this on Brit Bike  :thumb:

Here's my '66 Bonnie back in the day. Now under restoration.

It looks like you're off to a great start. Press on!


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