Author Topic: Exact windshield heights for Guzzi Norge Mk 1  (Read 162 times)

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Exact windshield heights for Guzzi Norge Mk 1
« on: April 15, 2021, 02:38:36 PM »
Hi all,

Over all these years I acquired various touring windshields for my 2010 Norge 1200 Mk1 to improve the airflow for longer rides. I issue I realized is that the due to the different form and design of each windshield, the indicated height is not always helpful to compare the various screens - as it depends where the mounting holes are placed in the screen. So some screens are - surprisingly higher than others, although the indicated height says differently.

I measured each screen from the middle of the top/upper mounting holes till to the top of the screen and listed the height below.  In addition, I added the width on top and bottom.

- Secdem BG009HP, height: 58 cm ( + 31 cm, width top: 45 cm, width bottom: 48 cm
- Skidmarx Flip-up tall screen, height: 60 cm ( + 31 cm, width top: 35 cm, width bottom: 43 cm
- Skidmarx Standard screen, height: 53 cm ( + 24 cm, width top: 22 cm, width bottom: 42 cm
- Isotta, Parabrezza alto, height: 56,5 cm ( + 28 cm, width top: 35 cm, width bottom: 48 cm
- Calsci Norge 05-10 Medium, height 22"/55 cm ( + 30 cm, width top: 35 cm, width bottom: 42 cm (the width I measured is less than indicated by Calsci)
- Calsci Norge 05-10 Tinted shorty, height: 18"/46 cm ( + 20 cm

- Guzzi Norge stock screen: + 23 cm, width top: 18 cm, width bottom: 40 cm

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