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79 G5 Build

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Status update. Picked up the steel parts in primer tonight:

Looking really good! Remembering my own G5 project from a few years ago fondly.

I need feedback. Here are some tank options:

I like the third one best. It is a CB360 tank.  It shows the frame rails best and seems like it will keep the build looking lithe. Here it is with a Dime City seat frame and padding, and an older sportster repro fender:

Does it work?  Is the seat gap to the tank a problem?  If I go with this tank Ill need to fill the badge mounts and weld in new petcock mounts, and Id like to replace the fill with a flush mount.  Keep the battery area open or install v7sport type triangular side covers?  Exposure of the frame is paramount but I feel that the see-through middle is a little done.  Thanks - Ben

Finally had some time to work on the bike today. I cleaned up and checked the gearbox assemblies.  Everything looks good:

I also removed the  brake disks, tires and tubes and stripped the wheels:

On to the front wheel tomorrow.

Wow! You are ambitious. I would be too chicken to attempt such a huge job.
Good luck with it. Hope your wallet matches your enthusiasm.
The Norton looks great. Im sure the G5 will too.
Personally I would keep the bike stock. There are precious few original Guzzis of the era left. And many that are have been butchered into cafe racers which probably has only devalued them,.... but its your bike. Do what you will. I see where youre going with it. I agree the cb tank looks good and will accentuate the engine, being so small, and the solo seat will make it look really retro, probably 20 years or so older than the G5.
Id suggest filling the tank badge brackets and fitting adhesive V7 badges. Then you have the freedom to put them where they look best. They come in various colours, so you can match the paint job. Check them out....[/url]

You might also choose just the eagle logo and not the name,, which will give the bike a bit more mystery.....

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Anyhow, best of luck with the bike. Keep posting pics!


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