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79 G5 Build

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Carbs vapor honed and rebuilt with new main jets, throttle springs, gaskets and air and throttle stop screws. installed with Emgo pods:

and then disassembled again since I was worried that I didnít get all of the honing media out. Everything is going back into the ultrasonic cleaner, then more soap and water and compressed air.

bmw 328i quarter mile

Rotor and stator installed:

RME LI compatible Reg/rec installed.  I hope the location works.  Wired it to the alternator with a disconnect plug.


Positives and Grounds and Motogadget installed and powered with temp key. Outputs and inputs not wired.

Looking great!

Thanks Groover.

Garage time today. The Motogadget is almost completely wired. Itís a blast to play with. New seat installed. Horns (very important) installed. Cranked the engine for the first time. No spark Yet. Tomorrow Iíll wire in the gauges.


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