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Guzzi 1100 custom build

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here is everything to go to be powder coated. The swinging arm will be just blasted though as I will be polishing that. In some ways it was a shame to strip the wheels as they were perfect, but black, and I want silver. The powder coater insists they are stripped of the powder coat before I send them, as its so difficult for him to blast it off… in the past I have used industrial paint stripper but its expensive, and a terrible job to do. This time I took them to a local car wheel refurbishes and they put then in their stripping tank for a couple of hours.. they came out fantastic, the pain literally fell of! I left the disks on and they came out without any paint on as well. I will be taking my engine cases in next!

last post for a month while we go and get some sun!

back from holiday, and the first job was a frame repair on a Triumph...  I don't do work for other people these days, but one of my best mates asked me if I could repair this Triumph frame for him.  How the hell do people think using rebar and welding like that is acceptable? 

all done now though and once its powder coated it will be like new.

The job came out very well.   Why is no one on this forum surprised???


Started the engine build… these are simple engines to build, bit like a Guzzi, just a bit lighter!   just a couple of points to remember… There is one special bolt in the crankcase that has an oil feed hole in it. Its also much easier to pop the piston into the bore, and then put the pin in, the rings are very fragile (and expensive!) make sure you have some rag in holes though, those pin circlips have a life of their own! in one of the pictures you can see a plate which holds the flywheel… this is necessary as the alternator nut and crank nut are VERY tight and need torqueing to 190 NM.

I would like to thank the local council for the steel to make the engine stand. Leaving a large sign in the hedge at the side of the road for 2 years, I felt I had to re-cycle it 🙂

Very nice work!  Don't let any of the negative comments bother you, I'm impressed!  Keep us posted


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