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My old 1000SP project returns

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Michael Moore:
Back in December 1993 I bought a rough, lightly crashed/scorched 1979 Guzzi 1000SP.  I took it apart and started accumulating parts and sending work out (ported big valve heads, Megacycle cam, Carrillo rods, Sudco FCR41 kit, later Guzzi fine spline clutch components, alloy timing gears, new u-joint/drive shaft assembly, etc), and finally about 19 years later, after languishing in storage, I sold it to a friend.  He sent the trans and final drive to an East Coast Guzzi racer (Charley Cole) who specialized in working on those (taking the business and all tools/tech over from the US Raceco when they closed)  and had them gone through.  He bought some other stuff (I just noticed a sump spacer with an external oil filter in the photos below) and assembled the wheels with the flangeless WM4/WM5 Akront rims I'd purchased.

Steve ran into some stumbling blocks and lost interest and today the Guzzi came back to my garage, nearly 28 years after I first purchased it.  It is funny how the marbles can be swapped in circles like that.

When I started I was actively racing and wanting to build a semi-cafe racer hotrod.  Now, I'm more interested in a solo rider sport tourer (with pumped engine). 

I've got a couple of waist-high stacks of tubs filled with parts that I need to inventory.  After cleaning up a set of stock small-valve heads from one of those boxes I'll get port molds from them as well as the hotrod heads that need some exhaust manifold fastener rework, just in case I have to replicate the ported heads.

Nothing will happen quickly, but  hopefully something may actually happen -- some day.  But I've gotten to where having something to fiddle with and do research/planning/CAD etc are entertaining enough to satisfy me even if riding isn't taking place.

From 1993:



Looking forward to seeing it come together!

Michael Moore:
Me too!  Maybe I can get it done before 30 years are up.   :grin:

lok forward to watching the progress !

Great story, and sounds like a nice project in the works.


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