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Eldorado and the quest to ride a Moto Guzzi for the first time.

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--- Quote from: oldbike54 on December 13, 2017, 01:45:46 AM --- It's an Ozzie trick ...
 ...that Balvenie can explain  :grin:
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hahahahaha What would we do without ya Dusty :laugh: :laugh:
[you rotter :evil: :wink:]


--- Quote from: balvenie on December 13, 2017, 03:28:13 AM ---hahahahaha What would we do without ya Dusty :laugh: :laugh:
[you rotter :evil: :wink:]

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 Thanks Bill , I do try  :laugh:


Les P:

--- Quote from: oldbike54 on December 13, 2017, 01:45:46 AM --- It's an Ozzie trick ...

 ...that Balvenie can explain  :grin:


--- End quote ---

I'm no 'Aussie Dusty but my father was. ( R.A.A.F / WW2 / Pacific)
I gave him some slack for being a Vet but was told I had to stop telling people I was adopted when I found out.


This old bus has been apart so long I forget where some of the bits go so have been doing a bit of a mock up to get an idea of what is what.

The 949 kit should be here today and a 30 litre ultra sonic tank turned up yesterday.
That picture is misleading with the parts looking blasted which they are not, just the usual clean up, I will have to soda blast the cases though with some grey spots (light corrosion) still present.
The blaster is still in the lock up so will do the 2000+ km round trip next week to get the last items including the other S7 Deluxe, Norton and Triumph.

Items replaced will be.

Fork stanchions, bushes and springs, engine valves, guides, springs, rocker units complete, push rods, tappets/followers, NOS stock camshaft, connecting rods, pistons/cylinders, bearing flanges, timing chain and tensioner, oil pump, sump/pan, clutch, transmission output shaft and all bearings, universal, carrier bearing, drive shaft and coupling, final drive bearings and oem ring and pinion, full Greg Bender wiring loom, new carburetor internals, new exhaust system which I didn't really want but it had the small outlet torpedo's.

The wheel bearings have not a mark on them so will most likely reuse them.

The generator will remain (Have both new Bosch mechanical and electronic regulators but was advised the electronic version is optimum for the VW generator not the Eldorado output)

I still have to finish off some sundry bits for the conversion to oil filter pan but will look at an external oil filter relocation also along with a look to see if a oil surge plate, baffle and scraper is worth doing.

I will laugh about this one day, maybe tomorrow.
The frame, swing arm with final drive hung off the rafters for a long time, one day I am looking at the FD and think, what are the chances.....

The lobes on the original camshaft all measured good but the thread was damaged, it took a long time to find a replacement then a NOS one came up, I think I read somewhere some cams were soft so it might need checking for hardness.
The crankshaft still needs regrinding and will most likely get it nitrided or similar.


Les P:
949 Gilidoni cylinders just arrived from Germany, thanks HMB Guzzi.

Got a 30 litre ultra sonic cleaner the other day, the jury is still out on the magic cavitating bubbles, but seems to work OK with a white vinegar, dish wash pellets and detergent cocktail along with hot (ish) water. 

Les P:
Well that excitement was short lived, the drama seems endless with this bike sadly.

The shipping box as it sits had perhaps an inch of soft foam at the bottom, cylinder tops on the foam (loose in the big box) and tons of packing on top of that so no real protection and you guessed it, top fins broken on both cylinders.
$961 shipped.



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