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Title: HD / Aermacchi Sprint
Post by: dxhall on April 29, 2021, 08:01:20 PM
Since I havenít come across an affordable Airone, Iím been thinking about the Harley / Aermacchi 250cc and 350cc single cylinder bikes.  There doesnít seem to be a ton of info out there.

The earlier bikes (roughly the 1960s models) had a spine frame.  Later bikes (1973 up, maybe) had a double loop frame.  Any opinions on whether one is better than the other?  The 1960s bikes were pretty successful racers.

Hereís one in cafe racer trim only one state away from me:


Title: Re: HD / Aermacchi Sprint
Post by: Canuck750 on April 29, 2021, 08:12:51 PM
Thatís a nice Sprint, price is not too high if itís a smooth runner I am starting to build a replica of a 1966 Aermacchi Ala Verde ( as sold in Europe ). Check out Mick Walkers book on Aermacchi, very informative. Harley bought half of Aermacchi in 1960 and under AMF booth 100% of the company. In 1978 AMF sold the operations to Cagiva.
Google Harley Davidson Ala Verde, they made them for over a decade, factory cafe racer style bike.
The bike you posted is kind of like an Ala Verde (green wing). Aermacchi had a long run of success with their over the counter race bike the Ala dOro (gold wing).
Parts availability is very good in the USA.
Title: Re: HD / Aermacchi Sprint
Post by: Guzzistajohn on April 29, 2021, 08:40:38 PM
They put on a good show at Davenport, Ia. !
(https://i.ibb.co/J5QqN3w/sprint.jpg) (https://ibb.co/J5QqN3w)
Title: Re: HD / Aermacchi Sprint
Post by: 80CX100 on April 29, 2021, 08:42:56 PM
My neck gets sore just looking at it,,, but it's definitely sexy!
Title: Re: HD / Aermacchi Sprint
Post by: Testarossa on April 29, 2021, 08:44:08 PM
My first bike was a 350 SS, set up with mud tires. It wasn't exactly what we would call a spine frame today -- it was a stamped and welded monocoque to which the engine was bolted -- the engine was not a stressed member. Like the Meriden Triumph frame, it lent itself to suspension mods that could make it a road racer or dirt bike. Very torquey thumper. I didn't realize how well it handled until I'd sold it and bought a Honda pre-K 500/4. I suspect the Aermacchi is nothing at all like the Falcone, aside from engine layout.
Title: Re: HD / Aermacchi Sprint
Post by: cliffrod on April 30, 2021, 06:55:34 AM
That 65 cafe bike is pretty $$$ for needing an engine rebuild after oil pump failure.  If the bodywork and other details on it was original, price would be more realistic.  But you would have a bike in hand and be done looking.  If price is good for you, that's your call.

Not sure that there are any model-specific death knell problems across the versions than other bikes.  They all have some.  People like different versions of styling and nowadays it seems that the more Italian it looks, the more desirable it is. 

The later 73-74 350cc full loop frame bikes, which arguably look the least Italian. have electric start engines.  Being a typical 4 stroke single that's easy to foul a plug, these electric starters & related parts are often wrecked by careless owners.  These late SS350 (street bikes) came with a Y pipe at exhaust port to allow dual exhaust.  These y-pipes were unobtanium for years and $$$.  Maybe they're available repro now(?)   Single exhaust is the cheaper solution.