Author Topic: Confirmation of bolt size and thread pitch of bolt for '10 MG V7C mirrors?  (Read 94 times)

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Asking before purchasing aftermarket mirrors that I hope to fasten to the OEM mirror perch mounts, but I can't find this info in the spare OEM parts catalogue, and when I called them, the dealership didn't have the info on hand either.

Thanks, yo.
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'10 V7 shares the same threaded mirror mount as my V7 II -- see GU30601060 "Clump" (oh, how I love translations). I replaced my mirrors with a cheap pair of Ken Sean dual-sport mirrors that have a universal thread size -- 10mm. Pitch size? Not sure. May want to hop over to your friendly neighborhood hardware or auto parts store, ask to borrow a couple 10mm bolts with different pitch sizes if you need to check. Or throw the dice on "universal fitment".
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