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Bill Hagan

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Yet Another Motomag; Know It?
« on: January 09, 2015, 09:33:09 AM »
Went down while ago to warm up the Moto Grappa for another day of slogging with tools and beer, and, of course, more expertly with the latter.  ;)  :BEER:

So, as I wait for 42F to get to 50F -- my wimpy minimum temp for "working"  ::) -- I searched here to see if anyone had previously mentioned this mag I saw on a local grocery (Martin's, travman, by your place).  Saw no reference to it, but if I missed it, apologies for yet another meaningless post!

So ... anyone else seen (or subscribe to) this one: "Motorcycle: Rides & Culture"

Appears that -- based on its url -- it morphed from another incarnation, which I think was pretty much cruiser-focused, and "culture" is a cousin to "lifestyle."

Still, looked nice enough in a quick look at the store, seemed broader than do/doo/dew rags and tats, and the subscription is cheap enough.  Yeah, I know, "they're all alike, interested only in numbers and 'smack downs," etc.  I may give it a try, figuring at <$15, if I err, I've only missed out on a case of the local official litter, Bud Lite.   ;D

OK, down to see if I can putz without a parka.  :D



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