Author Topic: Mid Winter V7R ride and reloading chores  (Read 1120 times)


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Mid Winter V7R ride and reloading chores
« on: January 09, 2015, 04:48:53 PM »
Sunny today and a Chinooks blowing here in northern Utah.  Compelled me to take the V7 out of the heated storage for a ride around the neighborhood. 1st time in 15 years I've seen it this nice on the 9th of Jan. Bike temp gauge said 49 degrees. Mts in the background should be solid white down to the roof of the house on the left and there should be a minimum of a foot and a half of snow on the ground right now. If things don't change soon we're in for another restricted watering season.

Had to send 2 of the 3 Ruger Single 7's I just bought back for service. Base pins allowed cylinder pins to jump. I've had cylinder pin issues with 3 of the last 5 single action Rugers I've bought. Frustrating because it's not like they just got in the business....they've been making SA's for 60 years now. On the upside their customer service is top notch and I'm confindent the issue will be resolved quickly. Fed Ex just dropped 1,000 .327 Starline Brass on my door step so that should keep me busy until the revolvers comeback  ;D


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