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General Discussion / Re: 2017 V7III Slightly Vibey Handlebars?
« Last post by Guzzi Gal on Today at 01:56:52 PM »
Mine is mirror fuzzing vibey, especially at lower revs and my Vespa is nearly the same, which I don't mind a bit. :bike-037:
General Discussion / Re: Bozeman, Montana
« Last post by Chuck in Indiana on Today at 01:25:38 PM »
They know how to do Winter in Montana..  :smiley:
General Discussion / Re: How to put a tacho on a V9?
« Last post by pauldaytona on Today at 01:17:19 PM »
for connecting a tach, just take one wire of the injector, not the one carrying 12 volt, the other one. That has a clean pulse. Easy for all aftermarket tachs. Taking the coil gives to much unwanted  spikes.
General Discussion / Re: V85 TT Merged Threadfest
« Last post by pauldaytona on Today at 01:13:42 PM »

The V85 has a very light clutch
General Discussion / Re: Beware of Counterfeight Parts
« Last post by sign216 on Today at 12:53:22 PM »
I thought this was interesting:

I like it that these guys are making a quality capacity, but approx $40?!  For my many 6 volt bikes I often get lawn mower condensers from a local farm store.  Or a VW bug condenser at an auto place.  All $5 - 10.

General Discussion / Re: Is the Aussie contingent growing ?
« Last post by Muzz on Today at 12:42:40 PM »
He looks sort of like that dog in a famous New Zealand cartoon strip.  I've forgotten the name but it was a good chuckle every time I read one.  Haven't seen one in 30 years though, and I've forgotton the name of it.

His name was "dog" He had been given a name but if anyone knew it they were quickly silenced by said dog.  The main character was Wal, his girlfriend was Cheeky Hobson  and cat was called Major.  Cartoon was Footrot Flats.  A really great series and had the working relationship of farmer and dog down to a tee.
General Discussion / Bozeman, Montana
« Last post by sign216 on Today at 12:38:46 PM »
Work has me in Bozeman, Montana for 10 days.  Are there any good motorcycle sights?  Or any other must-see attractions?


P.S.  I can't believe the weather.  They are still in winter here, moving snow around.
General Discussion / Re: Two Stroke Bikes
« Last post by Ronkom on Today at 12:32:19 PM »
My little two-stroke....a "Tuttoterreno" 125

General Discussion / Re: I love this color scheme
« Last post by BrotherJim on Today at 12:31:53 PM »
Ha, ha.  I ended-up having a local sign shop do a standard block script MOTO GUZZI stencil for me for cheap... ended-up getting MOTTO GUZZI, which I fixed and did in black.  Really wanted the eagle, but that was going to complicate things.
General Discussion / Re: I love this color scheme
« Last post by Kev m on Today at 12:25:52 PM »
Nice! I think it need SOMETHING white on the tank. Maybe the Guzzi emblem, it would be to cut out and paint flat white. That would look great, I think anyway:)

I agree. I think a BIG WHITE GUZZI EAGLE EMBLEM would leave most people wondering, and those in the know laughing at the dichotomy and confusion.  :thumb:
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