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General Discussion / Re: Suspect faulty starter button on Eldorado 1400
« Last post by Kiwi_Roy on Today at 03:33:40 AM »
The starter button is part of the RH switch (13) I think.
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This drawing shows just the start signal from the switch (13) going to the ECU (Engine Control Unit) Input / 58 This is just a tiny signal just a few milliamps
The Output from the ECU Output / 69 going to the Start Relay (28) this is also quite a small signal around 100 milliamps
General Discussion / Re: Lithium battery effecting ECU ?
« Last post by Old Jock on Today at 03:33:07 AM »
Agree with the others

The only thing worth checking is the voltage when charging, to make sure the Reg/Rec is good. LiFe batteries have a lower internal resistance, so might cause problems with the Reg/Rec but apart from that it should be fine

I once had a similar thing with a Sporti when I couldn't get the pump to prime and found the relay wasn't coming in. Everything was good, but I disconnected and reconected all the spades from the fusebox to the relays. Relay then pulled in and since then its worked ever since, probably just abit of oxidation somewhere

Go Ride
Fantastic  :thumb: .. Nice torque wrench choice too.  :wink:

Thank you!
Its a really nice tool. The only thing it canít do is the nut on the cam sprocket...
General Discussion / Re: Recommissioning a 67 V700
« Last post by rutgery on Today at 03:20:17 AM »
Hey Martin,

Nice to see you build a loop! Will it see any time on the road with your lario being so nice to ride?
Please keep us updated on the build!

Very nice.
Im desperatly trying not to do a complete nut and bolt resto on my V7 Sport.
Watching all the excellent work on this board makes it increasingly difficult.
General Discussion / Re: NEW TO GUZZI: Check out this 87 1000SP II
« Last post by Cdn850T5NT on Today at 02:18:03 AM »
Attaching some photos of those crash bars...

General Discussion / Re: Lithium battery effecting ECU ?
« Last post by bigpants on Today at 01:51:46 AM »
First all the relays seemed dead but the parking lights worked. I played around with relays , wires , fuses , earths and had to remove battery and relays came back but pump wouldn't stop priming. I then removed battery again and changed the ECU but no change. I spent the day going over everything but found nothing then the last thing I did was remove and refit battery again and now it looks like it's gonna work. I'll start it up this morning if I can and take it for a spin.
General Discussion / Suspect faulty starter button on Eldorado 1400
« Last post by gthorpe on Today at 01:33:44 AM »
I'm having an intermittent starting problem on my 2016 Eldorado 1400. 

Here is the symptom:  I push the starter switch and the starter motor doesn't activate. during this time the power to the rest of the bike is good (instrument lights & headlight doesn't fade).  If I toggle the switch to the kill position and back a few times then push start hard it will eventually start.

I've verified the battery cable connections are clean and tight as well as the power cable to the starter.

So I suspect it's a problem with the starter switch. Does anyone know if I can take it apart to check it and clean the contacts?[/url]
General Discussion / Re: Cadre Cycle V7 raffle
« Last post by jdgretz on Today at 01:18:33 AM »
Just tried to purchase one from the website and it would not add to the shopping cart.  Perhaps they are all gone?

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