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General Discussion / Re: The things you find..
« Last post by Antietam Classic Cycle on Today at 08:56:27 AM »
Thanks again, Charlie..
Uh oh..Unless the Pertronix coil looks like a 45 year old loop coil, there just may be a problem..

Since Harper's sells the ignitor unit separately now, I'm not sure this is/was really an issue. My guess is any 3 ohm coil will work just fine.
General Discussion / Re: Tire direction
« Last post by twowheeladdict on Today at 08:45:53 AM »
Simple answer right here and now - it's like Steve says. It may have been in the old days front tires in our size weren't available so a rear had to suffice. Too bad that wasn't explained in the manual. It has to do with tire construction and the expected load on the tire. If it's a rear tire being used on the rear, point the arrow in the direction of rotation. If that rear tire is used in front (it can be done if necessary), where braking is the load not driving force, the tire needs to be reversed.

I'd definitely go with the tire markings if there was any question.

I believe it also has to do with the rain groove in the tire and cornering grip.
General Discussion / Re: Doing away with Tapatalk soon...
« Last post by rocker59 on Today at 08:43:58 AM »

looks good for me.
General Discussion / Re: NGC - garage heater recommendations
« Last post by twowheeladdict on Today at 08:43:24 AM »
If I was going to add combustion heat to my garage I would want the combustion source exhausting outdoors like a RV gas heater. 

Definitely add a CO detector in the garage if you are going to use combustion heat. 
General Discussion / Re: Another 1100 Sporti Valve Question
« Last post by rocker59 on Today at 08:42:24 AM »
Thanks Again

I never realized this was going to pose such a problem

Right now my thinking is to purchase guides and inlet valves specifically for the sport from HMB and the larger exhaust valves for the LM 1000, as the Exhaust valves for the 1100 aren't available

I spoke to the guy doing my heads and he said that he could turn the larger valves for the LM 1000 down by the 0.5mm required on the diameter to match the correct size for the Sport

It's not ideal but otherwise I'm going to end up in  a world of pain and that seems the easiest and fastest way to get a satisfactory solution to the problem

Any other comments on this course of action would of course be welcomed


I was thinking the same thing.  Turn down the LM1000 valves. 

People I know used to do that, back when we were younger and into "hotrodding".
General Discussion / Re: SmartCarbs
« Last post by larrys on Today at 08:42:14 AM »
Duly noted oldbike54.    :rolleyes:
I have no vested interest in this company or their carbs.
I can tell you the folks running it are top notch and in fact, the outside testing that has been done have exceeded their claims.
Btw, Bill “Red” Edmonson invented the Lake and Lectron carburetors and provided them for Triumph flat trackers back in the day.

I still have a pair of 30mm Lectrons I ran on a 800cc big bore Bonneville. I played with a couple of sets of different needles for them, but never was able to get them right for the street. You could adjust the height of the needle in 1/2 turn increments. The carbs really needed an idle circuit.
General Discussion / Re: NGC - garage heater recommendations
« Last post by rocker59 on Today at 08:40:29 AM »

I also use the 110v oil-filled radiators.

They're safe,  simple,  and easy to store when not in use.
General Discussion / Re: Coming winter
« Last post by Rod on Today at 08:38:43 AM »
I was determined to ride as long as possible this fall/winter, even bought a new helmet with earflaps (neck skirt). But this weather is testing me. Hope to get back to the 40s soon.
General Discussion / Re: NGC - garage heater recommendations
« Last post by Mike Tashjian on Today at 08:35:42 AM »
I ran a natural gas line to my garage thirty years ago when the smell of kerosene started to bother me.  A direct vent wall heater was my goal. Thirty years later it has proven to be one of the best investments you can make for a garage you actually like working in.  Insulation is the second key factor to a working garage.  I find in Syracuse with our really crappy weather if I leave the garage at 40 degrees, the heater barely runs.  It takes just an hour or so to reach 60 degrees which is fine to work in a sweatshirt.  With lows in the teens the past couple of days and me doing some work out there comfortably, I am seeing no downside to heating your garage right.  And your area residential code may require heaters to be a certain distance from the floor and combustibles, check with local officials and your insurance agent for specifics in your area before installing any permanent heat source.      Mike
General Discussion / Re: Thank You Veterans
« Last post by larrys on Today at 08:28:03 AM »
You're welcome. USAF '72-'76 TAC. Thank you to all the veterans here. Never got shot at, only claim is that I loaded live nuclear weapons on airplanes. We were part of the vanguard that kept the Cold War from going hot...
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