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General Discussion / Re: NGC retirement advice wanted
« Last post by LowRyter on Today at 12:32:43 PM »

Sorry you have been treated  bad?? by Corporations, but that's  pretty broad stroke indeed.

I have not had the same experience, quite the contrary.

Its people I have had to take care with, many ambitious?! folks in the business world. (or just plain mean)

You have to learn/know how to look out for yourself...can be done.

I was raised in a place where you worked until you couldn't then contributed in any way you could after that,
cradle to grave.

No complaints.

I am not sure that what you say is the rule or the exception.  You might consider all the big corporate players and see what has happened to them over the past 30 years: 

The auto business?  contracted. 
Remember when IBM, Xerox and Kodak were tops?
Think about Sears?  GE? McDonald Douglas? Pan AM?

But we have Apple, MS, FB, and Amazon but where were they 30 years ago?

Think about Wall Street having forced all corporations to consider "share holder value" and "deregulation" as first priority. 

Mike, I am not saying you're wrong at all.  But I do know Dr John said about being "in the right place but at the wrong time."
General Discussion / Re: Couldnít take it anymore
« Last post by smdl on Today at 12:32:10 PM »

...And can you believe how much great stuff comes with it - bags, bash plate, handguards, 12v plugs, fog lights, etc....  My only regret is not asking for the heated grips to be installed as part of the deal.

Actually, you might be better off getting your own heated grips.  I find the stock grips to be exceptionally weak (can barely feel them in moderately cold weather), and I have heard several others say the same.  I have purchased a set of Oxfords that I plan to install in their place.  Others have simply adapted them to the stock harness with great results, and I plan to do the same.  I've sourced the appropriate Molex connectors for the project, so there won't be any need to modify the bike at all. 

General Discussion / Re: NGC - Electric Power Steering (EPS)
« Last post by screamday on Today at 12:30:46 PM »
My 2013 F150 has electric power steering and it feels just fine. No complaints......exc ept when I went to change the oil. They put a skid plate on the bottom of the truck to protect the steering components that are on the below the frame. Real PIA. So much so that I decided to let the dealer do it after my first try.
General Discussion / Re: This SP1000 seems well preserved
« Last post by s1120 on Today at 12:24:31 PM »
Looks like a heck of a lot of bike for the money!
General Discussion / Re: NGC - Electric Power Steering (EPS)
« Last post by bad Chad on Today at 12:21:52 PM »
Iím on my third car with electric steering.  Mazda 3,  and two Chevy Eqinox, I have had no issues with any of them.  Technically you save gas and don,t eat any horsepower.
General Discussion / Re: NGC retirement advice wanted
« Last post by LowRyter on Today at 12:21:39 PM »
That's one philosophy and a lot of people feel good that way.  Another is to use rental property income to pay tax deductible interest on your home mortgage, thereby sheltering that income from tax.  Later on, when you sell one or both properties at an appreciated value, you will have more money to buy the bike or car of your dreams.  What do you think is fueling the 'older people buying classic cars' bubble?  :grin:

If you're really ambitious, the property you eventually sell is your home, on which you pay no capital gains tax.  Then you move into the rental property and live there for a while, to make it your home from the tax POV.

Then someday you sell that one too and move into the old people's home, with enough cash to pay the bill until you keel over  :wink:

Yep,  my cousin retired from a big oil company and has always used the spread on debt to make income and build capital. 

While I might be debt free, with a few stocks and mutual funds, he owns 1000 acres toward Kansas boarder that he has farmed, is paying on a huge house with 80 acres of hay close to Grand Lake and who knows what else in stocks and real estate he owns.  Plenty of interest write-offs to boot.  OTOH, I was riding my bike and visited him on the way to an Ozark bike rally and he was working his place in 90 degree weather.  He has a different idea of "fun" than me.

So there are several ways to consider debt.  I think the "no debt" solution works for folks with pensions but there is certainly more lucrative ways to play the game.

Of course business debt is a different animal vs consumer debt.
General Discussion / Re: V85 TT Merged Threadfest
« Last post by pete roper on Today at 12:17:35 PM »
What makes my Stelvio a turd is the abuse it's copped in its life, not its intrinsic design. Sure it's ugly but at least it's only ugly on the outside! :grin:
I prefer a 100/90 on Tontis, but a 110/90 on Loops.
General Discussion / Re: This SP1000 seems well preserved
« Last post by Chuck in Indiana on Today at 12:13:22 PM »
Yes it is. He's asking a premium for it, IMHO, but.. they aren't making any more of them. It *appears* to be in well kept shape by someone that cares. I've said many times, "The cheapest Guzzi you can find is the most expensive."  :smiley:
I loved my old SP.. certainly one of the best sport tourers of the day. The fairing is amazing. If you are properly sized (I am) put the lowers back on.
General Discussion / Re: California II front tire size question.
« Last post by hidn45 on Today at 12:00:32 PM »
I've run both the 100 & the 110 on the front of our Cali II, & yes, the smaller tire is a little "quicker".  I went to the bigger tire when we were doing a lot more touring, but I think that ship has sailed, & I may go back to the 100 next time.

That can also be confirmed by the previous owner of our particular Cali - he told me the bigger tire would slow the steering down some, & he was right.
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