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General Discussion / Re: It's Alfa Tuesday...
« Last post by LowRyter on Today at 02:35:24 PM »
General Discussion / Re: Nick from NJ
« Last post by Nick on Today at 02:31:41 PM »
Hello Gentlemen,
Received a text from Cam on this. Sorry for being ďabsentĒ, but needed a break.
All is well here in south Jersey. Hopefully Iíll see some of you at a rally this year.

Ps.: I think that fish was on the wall Cam  :wink: and I though David had lost that picture.
General Discussion / Re: Have Guzzi - will Snowbird
« Last post by LowRyter on Today at 02:26:40 PM »
gonna have to do that........
General Discussion / Re: Anyone in to old VW bugs? (NGC)
« Last post by LowRyter on Today at 02:24:39 PM »
the front seats were a hazard on those bugs. 

clunk ....ahhhh!    :sad:
General Discussion / Re: How come a convert does not have a neutral?
« Last post by s1120 on Today at 02:13:09 PM »
I find this interesting to me. I had an early 60's Corvair with the auto, lever coming out of the dash. Danged if I can remember whether or not it had Park on it. I loved that little bugger, too.

Yup love that lever on the dash!!  And nope... no park on them. 
General Discussion / Re: Dyna Ignition Illegal Entry
« Last post by wirespokes on Today at 02:03:16 PM »
Here's a quote from an airhead guru (snowbum - Robert Fleischer) on his site about ignition modules (ICU).

I haven't tried using one of these modules in place of a Dyna, but it seems it should work. Dyna uses hall sensors like the airheads, it's a very common ignition system. It should mostly be an amplifier 'sensing' the hall sensor which replaces and takes over the function of points. The Hall sensor provides a path to ground when energized, just the same as points. So it's exactly the same as a points system, just smaller currents controlled electronically, and the module takes that small signal from the Hall Sensor and shoots off a large current to the coil. Here's what snowbum has to say about airhead modules:

Listed here are reported modules that MAY work OK.   The word MAY is being used here, because there may be complications, particularly if you have the later 0.5 (often called 0.7 ohm) twin tower coil.  It is my belief that just about any module would be acceptable for emergency use ...but may not work 100% properly, so are only recommended for emergency use. Some people carry one of these on the motorcycle, but modules don't fail often.

Bosch 0227-100-116.
GP Sorensen 11-5064.
NAPA (Echlin) TP100 (supposedly from Globe Motorist, but will not sell small quantities; Napa prices were considerably higher, but worth a look/check).
Standard Motor LX501.
Wells Mfg  RB100.

MANY cars use similar modules.  They may not be same for logic/timing, but probably will at least function.  Don't leave the key on for long periods of time with engine not started, as the internal timer may not function the same, if even present.

Transpo BM-300 Rocky Point    Also has #9604, Ignition Module, made in the USA.   Has Part number 9608, Ignition Module, made in the USA, for the Classic K bikes.  Also sells the Boyer-Bransden Ignition.  A Microdigital ignition advance curve is later in this article.

VAG (VW and Audi) ignition module part nr. 191 905 351b  is a drop-in replacement for the earlier Airhead modules.

Cars that you may find modules on in wrecking yards, or can get modules at auto-parts stores, besides what has already been mentioned:
VW Golf and Passat 1979-1989.
VW T2 Transporter and Jetta 1979-1992.
VW Scirocco 1979-1995.
VW Corrado 1979-1995.
Audi 100 1980-1993.
Audi  80 1979-1993.
Audi Coupe 1981-1994.
General Discussion / Re: Air Fuel Ratio Meter
« Last post by Bulldog9 on Today at 01:51:08 PM »
As others have mentioned, it should be upstream from the Cat, but you also need a solid ground for the sensor, and it should be oriented properly in the exhaust 'stream'
General Discussion / Re: Anyone in to old VW bugs? (NGC)
« Last post by Sheepdog on Today at 01:46:39 PM »
I had an old Squareback for a while. It was fun, but not necessarily a fond memory otherwise. I think the battery had more power in it than the engine did.

I like the Type 3s...especially the Slantback. They had dual carbs and seemed sportier than the Bugs or the Buses, but I get what you're saying. All of those air-cooled engines were pretty anemic. However, there has not been a simpler car to work on since the Model T. For someone trying to stay mobile on a budget, it was a revelation.
General Discussion / Re: Dyna Ignition Illegal Entry
« Last post by John Croucher on Today at 01:42:30 PM »
The inside is not top secret. It reacts to the pick up. It only generates a pulse to disconnect the coil ground.  Any module from many different bikes will work in its place.  2/4 cylinder wiring to coils.
General Discussion / Re: I think my dog wants this
« Last post by Huzo on Today at 01:36:32 PM »
I have people ask me if I'm planning on breeding my standard schnauzers, I always reply "I tried one time, but he bit me"
My sister has a problem with excessive body hair in difficult places and she breeds them for shows.
She wanted to groom one of them for an upcoming event.
A fellow competitor loaned her a set of expensive electrical clippers and said..
"Here Louise, try these on your Schnauzer..."

(it didn't end well... :embarrassed:)

Thank you GOOD NIGHT...! I'll be here all week..(I hope..)
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