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General Discussion / Re: Leading link front end
« Last post by radguzzi on Today at 07:14:05 AM »
Does any one have detailed plans for building a leading link front end? Searching the web for plans is about as successful as finding used leading links. I want to find or build leading links to install on my 03 EV. So far the ones I’ve found from builders cost more than the bike would sell for.  Any help or suggestions are welcome.

I should conclude that you are planning on a Hack or already have one on...? 

There are seemingly more simple fixes in the Raked Triple Trees that increase the trail in the same manner that a Leading Link does.  I say seemingly, I do not know any other details like whether you need longer fork tubes etc.

I cannot find the brand that I had been thinking of but perhaps someone will chime in.

I did find these from DMC (no connection etc)  They even have a listing for the Guzzi EV.

Might be worth a look-see.


And just to tease...

Hi all,
Nice to meet everyone yesterday at the Greenhouse.  Very interesting and very funky place...tons (literally) of motorcycles hanging on the walls, ceilings, etc. 

It was especially nice to meet, chat and attach a face to some of the names on the forum.

Thank you Bob, well done!

Be well,
General Discussion / Re: What Lightweight Jacket do you ride with?
« Last post by sib on Today at 07:10:37 AM »
Looking to get a lightweight 3 season jacket ( I have a heavier Joe Rocket that i've used for 15-20 years) .......Has anyone used one of these?.... at just over 100$, it Seems like a good deal.........
I've been using the somewhat lighter Bilt Blaze mesh jacket since 2016.  It's great when the temps get into the 90's but too chilly below about 80F.  Air goes right through it, and it has CE armor at shoulders and elbows.  Below 80F I use my trusty Vanson leather jacket.
General Discussion / Re: longer side stand for V7 III
« Last post by Cam3512 on Today at 06:47:12 AM »
Is it the same side stand as the earlier V7’s?  If so, I have the stock stand from my ‘14 you can have and try to modify.
One week away. Looks like we might have a good turn out.
Charlie, couple more minor niggles -

Don’t overfill the oil, it will end up in your air box (under the filter) until it “self levels” like a typical Guzzi.  I installed a sump spacer to carry some more oil and still only put in 2.5 liters.  However these bikes are not prone to burning oil like the older small blocks.  In hindsight, the spacer probably wasn’t necessary for anything other than piece of mind.

Don’t over tighten the oil filter cap on the sump.  It will crack and break. 

The manual calls for a head re-torque at first service ONLY. Then just regular valve adjustments.  Not sure what the maintenance history of your bike might be?
General Discussion / Re: v85tt
« Last post by Knuckle Dragger on Today at 06:13:16 AM »
That looks “okay “, but the carbon fiber doesn’t fit the rest of the bike...

A few minutes with a rattle-can will make it just about any colour you could dream of.
General Discussion / Re: v85tt
« Last post by Cam3512 on Today at 06:05:50 AM »
Is this the one ?

That looks “okay “, but the carbon fiber doesn’t fit the rest of the bike...
General Discussion / Re: v85tt
« Last post by tommy2cyl on Today at 05:46:31 AM »
Zinfan: Thanks on Givi BF02 fitting.  Good to know. 
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