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General Discussion / Re: NGC - Electric Power Steering (EPS)
« Last post by BrotherJim on Today at 11:27:49 AM »
If it is any consolation, I have an '04 Mazda3 with around 90K miles and electric power steering assist and it has given me no issues.  I kind of felt the way you do about it when I bought it new back then, and what I've got may be a completely different system than what is used today.  Theory was that it reduces parasitic power loss from the belt-driven unit, which also benefits fuel economy.  Darn near everybody is doing it these days.  With the 5-speed, I've always enjoyed driving this little car and think it handles better than most people are capable of enjoying.  The 6 may be my next car, although I will miss the manual. :sad:   
It's not the people on Facebook, it's the sleazebags that run the place...I refuse to let them monetize my information just like I refuse to pimp for car dealerships by leaving their decals/nameplate on my automobiles...even if they were giving Guzzis away absolutely free on FB, count me out permanently...
Oi, that's what I just said!   This group's in agreement more often than it's not ....


 :thumb: We probably have more in common than we realize Lannis
General Discussion / Re: G5 shock length
« Last post by Antietam Classic Cycle on Today at 11:20:55 AM »
Say all, I'm not able to get to my garage to measure my shocks length at the moment but I'm looking at a pair of progressive shocks that measure 13" middle eye to eye, was wondering what the length of the g5 was, any help as always is greatly appreciated  :boozing:

Original was ~ 12.75".
it's an interesting topic. There is so much made of the lack of interest in motorcycles in general, and Guzzis specifically, here on this forum. However, many of those voicing this sentiment have excluded themselves to a large degree from the "village square" where the bulk of the tire kicking and 'buzz' is taking place. Charlie can speak for himself, but to me, there seems to be a lot more excitement around the brand than most here believe, generally speaking, and I think it may be because of what i see and hear everyday on FB. Not advocating for FB, HARDLY, I despise it more than not. But as it relates to the perception of Guzzi in the public eye, I think it adds visibility.

Agreed, The FB Guzzi page from jolly old England never has "lack of interest" comments. They're very positive. Even invited me "across the pond" to ride the UK and check out some local pubs! Very friendly!
General Discussion / Re: NGC retirement advice wanted
« Last post by gliderjohn on Today at 11:20:00 AM »
In the last few years I have lost a number of friends and relatives that were in that upper 50s through upper 60s range, dying just before or just after retirement. Life IS to short not to enjoy as much of it as possible.
General Discussion / Re: V85 TT Merged Threadfest
« Last post by jas67 on Today at 11:18:30 AM »
High praise indeed Pete.
As I recall you referred to your Stelvio as a turd when you first got it.
If memory serves you said..
"It's a turd, but it's my turd.."

Kinda reminds me of George Carlin.

"Ever notice that your shit is stuff, and other people's stuff is shit?     Move your shit out of the way so I have room for my stuff!"
General Discussion / Re: EuroCycle - Las Vegas
« Last post by Cage Free on Today at 11:15:13 AM »
I have two good friends who within the last year bought from them and were very satisfied with the service and price they paid. A couple of weeks ago I bought a new 17 griso and while euro cycle had a better sale price the fees made it a few hundred more than GP in San Diego. No fees other than tax and license.
General Discussion / Re: NGC - Electric Power Steering (EPS)
« Last post by s1120 on Today at 11:14:56 AM »
It would be hard to imagine that any suspension components are already worn to the point of affecting the steering, but anything is possible...any hard impacts to the front wheels lately?

Sometimes the tread pattern and air pressure in the tires can make a big difference...have you visited any Mazda Forums for your particular vehicle?  May be some useful feedback there....

That would be my thought also... As a rule Mazda is never vague in their driver inputs... the whole "ZOOM ZOOM" thing....   Ive driven that era car also, and it seemed pretty responsive for a mid size std.. 
General Discussion / Re: Pics of the one you let get away
« Last post by twowings on Today at 11:13:48 AM »
You'll laugh, but it's this one:

My little sister and I got matching ones for Christmas one year, and we rode the wheels off of them all around the woods and gravel roads around my family's summer cabin...we even schemed plans to do a road trip on them...ah, youth!  :laugh:
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