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General Discussion / Re: Rex Allen, Wilcox AZ
« Last post by JJ on Today at 09:40:52 AM »
Next time I roll thru Arizona, I believe I'll stop here
Looks interesting if you like '50's cowboy music

Wilcox, and the surrounding area is beautiful, and the vineyards and wines produced from this region are getting more and more attention these days! :cool: :thumb: :wink: :smiley:
General Discussion / Re: NGC-Oil change interval on car
« Last post by rocker59 on Today at 09:38:41 AM »
if you went 250 hrs timed by 60 MPH it comes out to 15k between oil changes. 

That's a falacy for an automobile.  The only way you'll ever average 60mph is on a road trip where you're running on the interstate for long periods of time.

I have an "average MPH" readout on the info screen of my Ford Fusion.  I drive about 40 miles per day.  25 miles of that is on the interstate at 65-80 mph.  The "average MPH" readout currently shows 21 mph.  Any city traffic at all will kill your average mph.

so, for me:  250 hrs x 21 mph = 5250 miles  (which is 6.5 months of commuting).
General Discussion / Re: Re Bore of Griso 1100 engine.
« Last post by Tusayan on Today at 09:21:55 AM »
I don't think anybody with an enthusiasm for 2V per cylinder sporting Guzzis would be interested in anything being made now, totally different concepts of motorcycling and if you like one you don't like the other - at least that's my experience.  The supposed benefits of the modern bikes "engineered to an incredible level" are pointless to me (some might say totally silly) in comparison with having a lower tech, more elegant sport bike that I enjoy owning and riding more.

That aside, I've had both an 1100 Sport and Daytona RS and in that format both engines have their appeal.  The 1100 Sport handles a little better, much as my ST2 Ducati handled a little better than my ST4.  The top end rush of the more complex engines is great and somewhat addictive, but you give up a little in handling.  Building a hot rod with either of those lighter engines is a great idea, although the result probably won't as smooth and tractable as the 4V per cylinder version - the trade off for a lighter bike.
General Discussion / Re: Guzzi powered ultralight
« Last post by oldbike54 on Today at 09:19:29 AM »
 So Iron Man is involved with this , cool .

General Discussion / Re: Re Bore of Griso 1100 engine.
« Last post by Murray on Today at 08:49:29 AM »
The 1100 Sport is a great bike, but it hardly is maxed out from the factory in top tune.     Yet somehow, that 1064 2 valver with Dellortos would run neck and neck with a Daytona 4V at top speed, dyno fiqures be damned. 

  Seems we are in an era where innovation and hot rodding are discouraged , and dumping our ride for something with more power is the preferred intelligent method over hands on hot rodding.     Argue for limitations,  and they are yours.

A brief look at what else is available in the market trying to get more out of something like an 1100 sport is an exercise of rolling a turd in glitter and this is what Pete and a few others are trying to point out, if you are expecting another 10hp out of an exhaust swap like you got on your vaguely recent sports bike you will be miserably disappointed . Providing the people undertaking the exercise understand it is rolling a turd in glitter and quickly becomes and exercise in ever reducing gains I don't think anyone has a serious issue, something about managing expectations.

Pretty much the 1100 sport motor is maxed out, well as far as the factory who needed to pass emissions and provide warrantee was prepared to go, sure you get some mid range gains if you dump the archaic delortos and a little out of the exhaust. The 1100 sport had to pass 25 year ago emissions not current ones so there is not a lot of gain in basic tuning compared to what can be had out of a modern stock bike. We then start talking about machine work and re-engineering, which gets expensive fast for little gain assuming you can find a machinist that is prepared to mess with old munt and how much of the motorcycle vs nail bomb trade off you are prepared to accept.

 In a straight line the vaguely stock (stock they were an almost unrideable tuning mess so not many are actually stock) 1100 sport will run out of gearing and rpm at about the same time an A kit daytona and only the A kit will run out of grunt and aerodynamics, I seriously doubt the 1100 sport can pull any taller gearing. The C Kit motors as fitted to the Racing and RS will piss all over it, a well set up Ducati 1000DS (two valve aircooled motor) will also have it for breakfast. First gen Aprilia Millie's/Falco's as also on a whole another league. Modern bikes are engineered to an incredible level i.e the R1's frame is of varying thicknesses to allow for flex and stiffness to optimize handling this has been the case for at least the last 10 years maybe you should go take one for a run.
General Discussion / Re: Value of Converts
« Last post by EldoMike on Today at 08:48:29 AM »
I always thought they would make a nice sidecar rig..  Good power, easy to ride..

Agreed...I've owned a lot of sidecar rigs...this Convert was/is my favorite...

General Discussion / Re: Triumph's New Speed Twin
« Last post by Sheepdog on Today at 08:26:50 AM »
The cast wheels are 17" diameter...the spoked wheels are 18" or 19".
General Discussion / Re: Value of Converts
« Last post by s1120 on Today at 08:25:46 AM »
I always thought they would make a nice sidecar rig..  Good power, easy to ride..   
General Discussion / Rex Allen, Wilcox AZ
« Last post by John A on Today at 08:24:22 AM »
Next time I roll thru Arizona, I believe I'll stop here
Looks interesting if you like '50's cowboy music
General Discussion / Re: Value of Converts
« Last post by steven c on Today at 08:07:52 AM »
 I rode Tom B's, it was kind of shiftless.
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