Author Topic: ANybody Seen a CC Piston/Barrel Spec?  (Read 178 times)

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ANybody Seen a CC Piston/Barrel Spec?
« on: March 07, 2019, 01:54:50 PM »
So as I'm sick to the back teeth of the 1000 4V I'm starting to look at the 1100 Sporti and put it back together

I'm just at the stage of putting the barrels on and the pistons/barrels are both C grade tolerance

However one barrel "CC" stamped on it and likewise I have a "CC" piston. The interesting thing is that the "CC" piston was in the "C" barrel and vice versa

The CC/C is a bit academic now as the barrels have been relined as both were out of spec and are now both lined to "C" spec. The piston skirt feels pretty tight in the bore but I'll check the clearance with a feeler gauge tomorrow, just to make sure all is within limits

I just wondered if anybody else had come across the  "CC" thing, I can't remember the pistons diameter but both were within "C" limits and I was curious why Guzzi went to the bother of making both piston and barrel "CC" on one side and "C" on the other (assuming the pistons were put in wrongly at some point and the "CC" piston should have been matched to the "CC" barrel



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