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Longer Shocks for a 2000 Nevada 750
« on: July 12, 2015, 06:45:44 AM »

I'm converting a 2000 Nevada into more of a Roadster style bike. There's no cutting so everything can return to stock if I wish. I'm using the stock wheels and forks and am changing the tank, seat, guards, bars, and instrument style (with original speedo and tach). The biggest issue is the stance of the bike. I'm trying to flatten out the high front/ low rear. With the forks through the triples 50mm it's getting close (and still has good wheel clearance).

I've got some Ohlins remote reservoir shocks that are just under 1 inch longer than stock 390mm v 370mm. My two concerns are that I will quicken the steering with the new geometry (Probably for the better) and more concerning is that I will place the swingarm at too greater angle for the uni. With the standard Biturbo shocks and the bike on the centrestand the swingarm is flat through the crank line (no stress on the uni) with an extra 20mm on the shocks there is a slight deflection away from flat.

My reading says that excess swingarm angle on a small block in a worry. Just wondering how far can you go? I should also note that with rider sag taken into the equation the swingarm returns to flat. I am thinking that this setup will be OK but hope that someone may be able to help from their own experiences.


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