Author Topic: 1967 V-700 VIN VS32AB - mystery - looking for information  (Read 242 times)

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posting for a friend

   My name is Mark Vanlieshout I live in the Netherlands
can someone  help me in my search for the history of this 1967 V-700,
    I recently bought this very beautiful Moto Guzzi bike
and learned it has a very interesting history. A history waiting to be
revealed! It travelled from Italy to the U.S. and after several places in
the U.S. it left for Australia, where, 10 years later I found her in a
barn. It still took me almost two years to get her to Europa again.
The history to me is known from today and goes back until the
nineties and early 2000. My information is now that while in Italy a
U.S. soldier bought the bike in Italy in the early nineties during a tour
of duty in the Desert Storm war. When the stay ended the bike was
shipped to the U.S., Colorado. The V-700 was painted black instead
of the red gray original color, and I received two pictures from 1996,
with a Colorado plate number L036A. The owner in Colorado was
the same U.S. soldier and appeared to be a woman. Here in
Colorado she also had a kind of governmental (law enforcement) job,
but I am not sure what. She rode with a club with only law
enforcement members. The lady biker, probably named Vicky, moved
later to Jamul, California and the Guzzi had a California license plate
17K5212. Here it was sold (approximately 2004) to someone in El
Cajon and he restored the bike back to the original color scheme and
that is how it still is! My questions are: Who can tell me more about
the history in the nineties until 2004? The Colorado time period? The
story how the bike moved from Italy to the U.S.? I would love to get
in contact with the U.S. previous owners and hear about the
whereabouts of this Moto Guzzi in Italy as well as in Colorado and   
 For all information please contact me on email: or call me on +31-6-37295807.

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