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Fork spring rate.
« on: June 02, 2018, 08:34:56 AM »
Long shot, but, does anyone know the spring rate of the longer of the 2 fork springs fitted to the LM2 and I believe also the 1000 SP, Le Mans 3, G5, Convert, Cali 2, T3 (1979-1984), T4, Mille GT (35mm Fork Model).
I'm converting the internals of my LM2 forks to VFR750 Showa cartridges, but to maintain correct overall length of the leg, I've had to remove the shorter spring and shorten the cartridge piston rod. Need to know if this spring is strong enough or whether I'll need up rated springs.
Just done a very basic check using a ruler and set of scales and come up with a spring force of 1kg/mm; would be nice to get an official figure.

Edit: OK, guess I've just answered my own question; found a web site that works the spring rate out using some of the spring dimensions and it comes out at 1.010kg/mm. I was pretty close then!
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