Author Topic: Return throttle cable "loose fit" into the rh switch v7ii special  (Read 107 times)

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Noticed while switching out the handlebar for an aftermarket that my return throttle cable (the one closest to the tank) is just loose in the switch.  I have taken it apart completely and there isn't anything really holding it in place as the nut under the switch just loosely keeps it there.  Is that how it is supposed to be?  Also how tight should the cable be?  Mine I can use the adjuster all the way before it gets close to tight. When you get on the throttle the whole sleeve moves.  I see there is a bracket that holds the other cable in place but nothing for this one. 
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Re: Return throttle cable "loose fit" into the rh switch v7ii special
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I just realized you're referring to a V7 11 but since I've just checked my V7 111 I might as well respond. My throttle cables are as you describe however throttle works fine and it seems they are designed to be that way. Unless you have a specific problem I wouldn't give it a second thought, just twist and ride.



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