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Latest Motorcycle podcast ChatterBox up #24
« on: February 01, 2015, 09:11:29 AM »
FYI for the guys who like to listen to entertaining banter about general motorcycle news and events .....

Quoted from the site:
"Episode 24 of Front End Chatter does not, sadly, contain Kiefer Sutherland defending the world from a series of increasingly improbable terrorists. Instead, Simon and Martin discuss:

- The two-week, 5000-mile Dakar Rally compressed into 10 minutes

- A pre-pre-season preview, as MotoGP prepares to start testing, World Superbikes prepares to start racing, and the internet prepares to start using the c-word about Casey Stoner

- Why the 2015 Isle of Man TT has turned into the world's fastest group test (and why a Kawasaki H2R might appear after all...)

- Why things are looking up if you're in the business of selling motorcycles

- The Frankenbikes we would build given an imaginary angle grinder and welder

- The events to get in your 2015 diary, from London to Barcelona to Coventry

And finally, to find out if reports of Superbike magazine's death have been greatly exaggerated, we speak to editor John Hogan (@JohnatSuperBike) about the title's past, present and future."
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