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(NGC) Utah west desert ATV ride today
« on: February 08, 2015, 08:31:16 PM »
Been exceptionally nice the past three days in N.Utah. Basically spring weather with temps in low 60's and sunny. Used the V7 around town Friday to run errands and then pulled my ADV bike out Saturday and took it for a ride.  Today was so nice I decided to take an ATV out and towed it 90 miles west of my house ($1.91 for premium unleaded  ;-T ) and rode around the western edge of the Great Salt Lake for 5 hours. High temp on the truck showed 64 on the way home at 4 pm.

Looking east from about midway of the lake

Looking east. A better view of the track that was laid right through the middle of the lake years after the Trans Cont. Railroad was completed 50 miles to the N.E of here.

Looking south along the road I came in on. 25 miles south of this point the truck is parked

Looking west into the evaporation basin and towards Nevada

Looking North

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