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Stuttgart motorrad show
« on: February 11, 2017, 10:55:22 AM »
Well, that's what they called it, anyway!

I left my house with my Guzzi around 2pm. I rode down to Stuttgart and went to where the show was being held. But I went to the wrong parking area and after wandering back and forth infront of a closed entrance , I finally figured out I needed to hop onto a shuttle bus to get to the correct entrance. No big deal. Lots of happy people onboard.

They allotted two of the nine showrooms for the venue. This wasn't a full blown expo with lots of marques being displayed but enough to be interesting. Some Guzzis were there but by local dealerships and not Piaggio.

There was one V7lll on display. It was poorly put together.

But it looked nice.

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And of course I had to take my turn sitting on the MGX21

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Too heavy for me!!!
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