Author Topic: 93 SPIII Bitubo Damper Buffer/Pads  (Read 369 times)

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93 SPIII Bitubo Damper Buffer/Pads
« on: March 23, 2017, 06:36:57 PM »
Hi Folks
Just took a stroll down the past posts. Couldn't find what I am looking for.
See attached pics.

Pulled the drain screws from the fork legs. Not much came out.
Pulled the fork legs off the tubes. They were full. Dark and ugly.
Inside the legs, there is a "buffer/pad" part #28527633 ?
Unfortunately I did not see the difference between legs/buffers until it was too late.
One has Oring? space and one does not.
Questions are.....
1) Oring space??? What would it do? Only 1 has it. Our thought is nothing but.......
2) Does it make a difference which goes on which? Our thought is no but......
3) SPIII parts list does not show it or list it. Strada work shop manual shows it??????

While I'm at it....This summer saw clear fluid coming out the top of the damper adjustment knob shaft, I think.      Is the OEM Bitubo fluid clear?
Prolly time for a try at the rebuild with the 5W oil in Charlie's 2014 posts . Cheap/Cheap!!

upload pictures to internet



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