Author Topic: Riding in solitude.  (Read 5550 times)

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Re: Riding in solitude.
« Reply #60 on: December 19, 2018, 05:17:08 PM »
I find that when I'm in the zone I start to sing. :shocked:  I have a lousy voice but in a full face it sounds ok.  Of course, when I come to a hill I stop singing and just have "Symphony in Second" by that great Italian composer La Franconi running. The basso profundo is superb. :thumb: :grin:

I love to sing along as well.
However I recently got a letter from Neil Young's Lawyers, acting on behalf of Neil, Tom Petty, John Mayer, The Hollies etc., informing me that of all the people who have ever sung along to these artists, I am officially the worst and could I kindly desist.
I believe a restraining order is the next step.
 :sad: :sad: :police: :copcar:


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