Author Topic: 1100 Sport Fork Seals - Special Tools?  (Read 158 times)

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1100 Sport Fork Seals - Special Tools?
« on: April 04, 2019, 08:55:53 PM »
Hi all,

In the process of changing out the fork seals on my '95 1100 Sport, as it arrived to me with them blown. Bought new seals, dust caps, bushings, o-rings, and brake pads, as they'd been leaking for a while and had fully soaked the old pads. I've gotten the forks off, but they're a bit different from other USD forks I've worked on (first time doing them on a Guzzi). The manual calls for a special tool, cod.30927800 to remove the internal/external adjustment unit on the top of the fork, which should allow for the spring and such to be removed. Probably a silly question, but any suggestions for how to proceed or for what to use in this step? Some pictures are below of the section in question, as well as of the relevant page in the manual.

Additionally, it looks as though a previous owner used a set of vice grips or something on the top cap, as they're both a bit chewed up, particularly the left one (shown in the first pic). I'm guessing that will just require dealing with it or buying a new cap, but if you have any suggestions for cleaning that up, I'd sure appreciate it.

Thank you so!

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Re: 1100 Sport Fork Seals - Special Tools?
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2019, 09:40:12 PM »
I service mine with out the special tool.  Slept since then and do not remember what I used. 

One thing you may experience, the lower tube has a bushing inside and the upper tube has a bushing on the bottom, they may not pass by each other when trying to separate the two pieces. You may end up damaging the both bushing when separating and need to replace them. 

These are the same shocks that are on the Bassa Tonti frame Model with a different lower section and different knob on top for compression and rebound adjustment.  I have them on my Frankenguzzi. 

When reassembling, put the upper tube bushing on, slide it into the lower tube and then slide the lower tube bushing in place. 

The nut looks like the p.o. tried to remove it before loosening the pinch bolt.  Seen this done a few times. 

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Re: 1100 Sport Fork Seals - Special Tools?
« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2019, 10:34:19 PM »
You need to be very careful with this job.
I made up a special tool set years ago just with simple workshop tools.
I have done fork seals on my own bike and several others.
I dismantle them by the “book” .
As in use the special tools to wind the adjuster  clockwise down through the top cap.
Then slide the forks apart. This leaves the main damper units fastened in the bottom of the slider/lower.
Don’t disturb them if you don’t need to.
Clean out the grunge in the bottom of the fork.
One problem I have seen is that when you remove the top aluminium nut off the adjuster unit it tightens the adjuster hard into the cap.
This will make the special tool want to tear out the thin aluminium drives that the tool fits into.
Everything has to screw together easily for it all to work properly.
The parts must not be done up to any kind of normal torque settings.
Just nudge them up.
When you dismantle it the forks should slide off OK but when you assemble it with new bushes it may be a bit tight when you try to slide it on.
I have recently done it this way.
Otherwise you have to assemble the top bush, spacer, seal and clip after as explained above.

Cheers, voncrump
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